6 ways to reduce jet lag from constant business travelling


Are you one of those frequent jet-setters trying in vain to cope with jet lags due to constant travelling? Is your business forcing you to live life out of a suitcase in different time zones? Then it's time you took charge of your life, before it gets any worse.

While globetrotting for work sounds like fun, it does come with the disadvantage of being constantly jet-lagged and having to reboot yourself time and again. As you keep adapting your body and mind to a different time zone, your work itself can get affected, to say nothing of your health.

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Let the travel hero in you emerge energised every time the wanderlust bug bites. Here are a few simple and effective tips that will help you deal with your next jet lag:

Follow a flexible diet

By flexibility, we mean that you need to alter your diet intake according to the number of time zones you skip. If you are used to stringent timings with regards to eating, you need to allow some room for flexibility in order to sail through this discomfort.

Plan your travel smartly

Jet lag is a physical condition that can lead to anxiety, nausea or indigestion. To overcome this physical condition, it is prudent to plan your travel in a way that will let you reach your destination during the day. Daylight helps you stay awake and also motivates you to tire yourself once and for all. This is an excellent way of adapting your body to the new time zone.

Avoid caffeine during night arrivals

If your itinerary puts you in a trying situation by arriving in a new time zone during the night, it is wise to avoid beverages that contain caffeine. Caffeine can turn out to be your worst enemy as it keeps you awake at night and can jeopardise an important meeting the next day.

Exercise while on the go

As bizarre as that may sound, it is a sensible idea to do some light exercises while you are travelling—both on the flight and after you land. Exercising not only helps kick up your metabolism when you need it the most, it also stretches out your muscles after a long flight.

Adjust your watch

To let your body adjust to a physical condition, it is very important for your mind to train the body. If you can conquer this, half the battle is won. This hack for coping with jet lag is a virtual trick that will psychologically help your body adjust to a new place and time in advance.

Include a stopover whenever you possibly can

The whole purpose of travelling to a new destination is to accomplish the business or work that you intend to do. To help you do this in the best possible way, it is important to make a stopover and get your body and mind acclimatised to the new destination with time. By taking a break in the journey, you will feel more refreshed by the time you arrive at the final destination.

Follow these simple hacks that are sure to bring out the winning streak in your next board meeting abroad and let jet lag be a thing of the past.


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