Constant learning not only makes you knowledgeable, but also a better person


Never stop learning. It is the only way to grow, innovate and expand your mental horizons. Knowledge helps you develop a better perspective about things. If you belong to the class of curious people, you’ll always find new skills to learn and habits to form. We love listening to people who have something new to share, and this comes from nothing but their zeal to learn and grow with each passing day.

When it comes to entrepreneurship, the best entrepreneurs in the world understand that they can be successful only if they get into the practice of constant learning. Apparently, Warren Buffett loves reading and this great habit keeps him on his toes.

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The best way to live life to the fullest is to always look for ways that help you improve as a person. Even in an organisation, the authorities should invest in the growth and development of their employees. This is why big corporations like Facebook and Microsoft promote constant efforts to support the learning skills of their workforce.

If you aren't actively looking to learn new things, these 10 quotes on self-learning and development from prominent personalities from around the world will compel you to rethink your decision and help the learning bug bite you.

“I have no special talent, I am only passionately curious.” – Albert Einstein, physicist, scientist, Nobel Prize winner

Curiosity makes you smarter. Learning new languages make you smarter. Reading makes you smarter, and there are so many other productive ways that you can use to instil knowledge in your life and ensure that your mind remains active and healthy. Constant learning is like food for your brain that not only feeds knowledge but also expands your brain power, which in turn ensures that you become an overall healthy individual.

Self-growth, which comes from constant learning, is the key for a successful life and career. Here are some reasons that will help you understand this better:

Learning makes you a happy person

Not being able to share your opinions, or worse, not having anything to put across can be frustrating. How would you feel if your peers are talking about a recent event that you are unaware of? Learning helps you socialise better and gives you the authority to share your opinions and judgements with utmost confidence. It also gives you the benefit of effective communication, and hence, people start taking you seriously.

You become the go-to person for all advice

This is applicable in both personal and professional life. Constant learning gives you the wisdom and ability to react to different situations in a sorted way. This makes you a popular pick for friends and acquaintances to approach with problems. People will look up to you to resolve matters, ranging from a conflict at the workplace to a disagreement in their personal life. This same idea can be applied to adding value to your organisation. If you sell, build and run operations using your vast knowledge, you become irreplaceable.

You become the master

The only way to master whatever you do is through teaching someone else how to do it. It is always best to share the knowledge you have acquired through constant learning. It can be through seminars, conferences, blogs or an e-book. As an entrepreneur, learning should be a part of your culture. Your teammates can use your knowledge and experience to achieve your company's targets and this way you truly accomplish the status of a great master.

So, never stop learning and being curious. It is indeed the best way to live a fulfilling and successful life. So what are the new things that you learnt today?


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