This Naga tribal has Belgium drooling over her authentic heritage food


An Indian woman’s food truck in the Belgian town of Genk is creating headlines. Lulu’s Tribal Kitchen started by Lulu Pheiga, a Naga tribal from Manipur is taking Belgium by storm. Lulu belongs to the Rongmei Naga Tribe and has been serving only authentic tribal dishes to Belgium citizens.

Image: Facebook

According to India Times, Lulu’s Kitchen has become quite a rage with not only Indians residing in Genk, but Belgians too, becoming her regular customers. Lulu serves ethnic Naga food which is not easily available otherwise, even in India, other than Nagaland and other north-eastern states.

The official Facebook page of Lulu’s Tribal Kitchen has a rating of of 4.8 out of 5 stars with some raving reviews. While butter chicken and Indian curries have already made a name in the world, all thanks to Lulu, now the lesser known flavours of India are getting a platform to make a mark for on the world map. The authentic Northeastern dishes like Utti, Chilli Pork, Panthao gan (Naga aubergine curry) and Gan huai (Naga sticky rice) served by the food truck has become the main attraction in the area. Run along with her husband, Bob Staal, this food truck represents her tribal Naga heritage, reports India Today.

Vagabomb says Lulu travels to India to cook with her people to learn more recipes and the methods to carry back with her to Genk. Lulu also offers ‘home cooking’ services. She and her husband go to homes to prepare freshly cooked food. Lulu’s Tribal Kitchen also caters for large parties.

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