How to sell to middle-aged individuals in India


Middle-aged individuals generally have a sizable purchasing power, but are often overlooked by businesses. It is common for businesses to target younger generations while designing and selling their products and services. The challenge, here, is to employ marketing strategies that the older generation can relate to. And, here are a few ways you can do this:

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Give them quick and easy solutions

Middle-aged individuals are always on the lookout for simple solutions. For instance, 40-year-olds are less likely to purchase furniture from IKEA and undergo the strenuous process of assembling it part by part. The same applies to your marketing message. Keep it as short and simple as possible. Sell the solution, not the product. Remember that not all your consumers are going to be price-sensitive. Focus on how your product or service could make their lives easier. Don’t provide unnecessary or irrelevant information that is likely to confuse them.

Understand their needs

Although, they may look for simple solutions for satisfying their needs, middle aged individuals are also curious. They would like to understand things, and this requires time and patience. They don’t want to feel inadequate, unwanted, incapable or stupid. Instead, they want to feel independent. Make sure your employees are well-trained to understand this psychological aspect of the middle-aged group.

Tell them everything they need to know

The 40s folks make investments rather than purchases. Even while buying something as simple as a kitchen appliance, they would wish to know its use, care and durability. Their needs alone does not trigger their purchases. So take the time to show them around, educate them about the product and how it will bring more ease to their life.

Give them a personalised experience

Middle aged individuals often feel that their needs are neglected or sidelined. Always opt to give them a personalised service and interact with them on a one-to-one basis. To make them happy, talk about their personal life and their reasons for being at your store or organisation.

Assure them of their needs

Understand that these individuals may have often forgone many benefits in their lives in order to save money and give a better life to their children. This desire to leave something behind will often make them curb their own expenses and desires. Address this issue in a positive way by showing them a positive side of purchasing your product and how much they need it.

Offer them special deals

Create specific sales and offers to entice them. Help your customers spread the good word about you. Send them referral coupons or codes that they can pass out to their friends. Their testimonial is golden, and they will often enjoy being an ambassador for a business they like to patronise.

Pay special attention to service

As said earlier, people look for good service, and this applies to all your market segments and most importantly for this age group. Many still remember when service was part of the shopping experience. They appreciate companies that make it a point to look after their customers.

Individuals in their 40s are quite well connected with each other. They make it a point to share their opinions on products and services they use. You can see how word of mouth marketing can play an important role here. By following all of the above, you can ensure customer satisfaction and get word of your good work will get around quickly.


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