Why it is important for startup founders to blog and write articles consistently


I discovered my passion for writing two years ago, when I started writing for my own startup.

If your startup is relying on content marketing, then the founders should blog,whether they have a passion for writing or not. No external person can match the voice and insights of a founder.

I wrote about writing flawlessly even if you are not a writer, in one of my previous posts. After reading today’s post you will know from where you can get ideas for your startup blog and how to keep writing high quality articles consistently.

Honestly, it took me a couple of days to write my first article that was published on YourStory in 2014. It was a story of my first startup and a retrospection of why it failed at early stage. Personal experiences are the easiest things to write on paper but still I worked for so many hours to write my first article.

Now I can write a similar article in 3-4 hours.

You might not have a similar story to write but you must be having some customers for your startup. You should start writing articles for your customers. Just try to solve the problems of your customer. I have couple of suggestions if you are still struggling with starting.


#1. You have written an email, if not a full-fledged article

I suggest you write an email to yourself pretending to be a customer. Write in detail what problems you are facing and ask for solution from your own startup.

If you fail to define problem from your customer's point of view then probably you don’t know your customer yet. (A signal that you should work closely with your customers to understand their problems. It will also help you improve your product.)

Once you complete the email, hit the send button. You will receive email from yourself. Now try to answer the question in as much detail as possible.

This could serve as a draft article for your blog.


#2. Take ideas from competitor’s blog

You don’t have to copy the article content, not even the title. You just have to take the idea what your customers might be looking for from your competitor’s website.

Check the topics of articles written by your competitor. The articles with most shares and likes are the onesthat you should also write from your own experience. Find the articles which have the most comments. Find what customers are asking in comments or what they are liking the most in the article.

It will be easy for you to start writing after having confidence that customers will read and appreciate the topic.


#3. When a customer asks you question, tell him that you will write an article for him

Whenever you get a query from your customer, send a reply to solve his problem. Also, commit to him/her that you will write a detailed article on that topic. Give him/hera deadline as to when you will send him the draft article.

You will have multiple benefits when you adopt this approach:

  • You customer gave you a topic idea for the article
  • You are committed to write
  • Your customer will help you improve by reviewing your content

Incorporate your customer's feedback and send him/heran updated article until he/she says that the article is a perfect solutionto the problem.

Get the article copyedited from an experienced editor and publish it on your blog. Trust me, it will be one of the best articles for your blog.


#4. Commit yourself to a writing schedule

You will keep delaying the article if you are not a professional writer.

Do you know that all pro writers facewriter's block from time to time. But the successful ones never break their writing schedule.

Make sure you keep aside a writing time of an hour daily when you write something to solve your problem. Use any of above techniques to start writing.Without starting somewhere you will not reach anywhere.


#5. Nothing to lose

In the end, there is nothing to lose if you can not write good articles. You will only gain because you will think hard to solve the problem of your customer. You will do research about the issues that your customer is worried about. You will make a repository of content that your customer support department can use while resolving issues. Your clarity about target market will help you improve your product and finding a product-market fit.


Why to delay in grabbing the golden opportunity with tons of benefits and a zero loss?

Write your first article and send me for review. I will review all articles free of cost that I will receive within one month of publishing this article. You have to commit me a deadline first and submit your article before deadline.


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