Your self-sabotaging behaviour needs to stop right now—here’s how!


We all experience our share of ups and downs, and each one of us, at some point in time, has given up on things that we truly loved and cared about. Sabotage comes naturally to us, especially during times of failure, when the feeling of fear seeps in. But if you learn how to deal with your fears without tearing down your confidence, you’ll start feeling motivated to move ahead in no time.

If you have been over-thinking, feeling stuck over certain issues and holding yourself back, chances are that you are compromising far too much and inviting failure even when things could have worked out. Happiness is a state of mind and success happens outside the comfort zone. If you have been vandalising both these scenarios because of your negative thoughts, here are some tips which will help you find the right path.

Be aware of yourself

We all put too much effort in knowing about what’s going on around us and in the world, but we seldom think about the turmoil that lies within us. Being consciously aware of yourself and your needs is very important to be able to frame out your life goals. The first step towards attaining this is getting familiar with your self-sabotaging and self-abasing behaviour. Being aware of that you are your own saboteur will help you come out of the vicious cycle of aspirations and failures and help you become a better person.

Do not seek perfection in everything

Give up the belief that everything you do should end up being perfect. Nothing is perfect, and nothing can ever be. So, if you find yourself stuck in a certain aspect of your work or life, seek guidance and move ahead with a game plan. “Aim for the moon and you shall land among the stars” is a classic dictum that explains that the phenomenon of perfection is nothing but a construct. However, aiming for it certainly ensures favourable results. After all, it’s all about perception.

Feel positive and confident

You are what you feel about yourself, and if you are going to sabotage your existence, others around you will start treating you the same way. If you keep talking about your failures and your inabilities, people will stop trusting you with critical affairs of their lives and this can certainly affect your confidence level in the long run. Think positively and let others know how confident you feel about yourself. Talk more about your achievements and things that you have learned from your failures. Every failure is an experience and every fear makes you stronger. Remember, “Straight roads do not make you a skillful driver.” In order to grow, you have to face challenges and emerge a stronger, better person.

Reading self-help books and inspiring stories of successful people is a good way to attain the right mental, physical and emotional state to meet your goals. Listen to your saboteur and when you do, gain control over it by affirming positive thoughts. Never let it keep you from doing things that you want to do in life.


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