[Update] Here’s why TechSparks loves to travel. It is coming to your city soon


This year, TechSparks is going places, and we may just land up in your city.

Since its inception six years ago, TechSparks has travelled the length and breadth of the country to connect, document, and engage with a diverse set of entrepreneurs and startups. This year, we are travelling to Hyderabad (Aug 23), Indore (Aug 25), Kolkata (Aug 25), Mumbai (Aug 27), Pune (Aug 30), Jaipur (Sept 1), Chandigarh (Sept 1), Delhi (Sept 3), Chennai (Sept 6), and Ahmedabad (Sept 8). Book your spot at one of these cities here. Event is free-to-attend now, but is invite-only.

(Note: The venues for each of these cities will be updated soon.)

In 2015, we covered 11 cities all in one day, and more than 2,150 entrepreneurs and tech enthusiasts attended the pre-TechSparks rounds across Ahmedabad, Chandigarh, Kanpur, Kolkata, Pune, Goa, Indore, Hubli, Kochi, Jaipur, and Coimbatore. It wasn’t just the numbers that were mind-boggling, the learnings and takeaways from each destination reiterated the fact that the Indian startup ecosystem is a robust one.

From Kochi to Kanpur to Kolkata, we were amazed at the diversity of startups and entrepreneurs. The learnings from this annual travel have stood us in good stead and before we embark on yet another ‘Bharath Darshan’, here are some quick takeaways from the cities from our earlier travels.

  • Travel to see what’s happening in the world outside your ecosystem
  • Fail and learn fast
  • Start with a co-founder and join a startup to learn more, before starting up
  • Train your managers to retain employees
  • More collaboration in Tier II and III cities
  • In a technologically connected world, physical locations don’t make or break startups, ideas do
  • It is important to create an ecosystem that encourages talent from across the globe
  • Need a culture of inclusion that attracts the very best
  • Access to talent and manpower are the biggest roadblocks for startups
  • Don't build products for evaluation, look at building them for value
  • There needs to be a strong collaboration with other more established ecosystems
  • Need for investor attention

Don't miss the opportunity to attend TechSparks in your city! Book your spot now. Share this with a friend/entrepreneur who'd be interested. Event is free-to-attend now, but is invite-only.

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