Writing for a mobile audience? Here’s what you should know


As the world is embracing technology and making a paradigm switch from the universe of e-commerce to m-commerce, revamping content marketing strategies becomes inevitable. While this may sound like child’s play, it is a Herculean task to keep the mobile users hooked to your services. Using crisp and concise content is the only way to engage customers and ensure consistent visits. It is important to note that strategising mobile content  is quite different from strategising content for any other medium.

You might be curating the best content in terms of technicality and information. But this won’t be effective unless it is presented well. If you’re not too familiar with writing content for a mobile audience, just follow these simple practices.

Use captivating headings

It has been observed that gripping content under strong, bold headings invite more clicks than content under mundane headings. Frame your headings in such a way that your customers cannot resist clicking them. This is a thumb rule for all content-related marketing strategies.

Open with an interesting statement

When your content or story begins with an intriguing statement, it has greater chances of being noticed than if it begins with a boring sentence. Once you are sure of your subject matter, focus on creating an eye-catching statement that has the potential to arouse your audience’s curiosity. The more suspense you evoke in the beginning, the more your audience would like to read your content.

Make it visually appealing

A mobile audience will open your website only if you give them something unique. Using visually appealing graphics is the best way to go about this. It is imperative that these graphics are clean and convey just the right amount of information to your audience. Also, adding pictures, videos and advertisements to your existing brand content will only make your site more impactful and get you more traffic. The whole look and feel of the site needs to be so mesmerising that it ends up on your users’ ‘favourites’ tabs.

Keep it concise

Interesting content is not just cleverly phrased; it’s concise. If your content becomes boring and too descriptive, you risk losing your audience’s attention. While on the go, people don’t have the time to read elaborate content. Instead, keeping your content short and simple ensures that they continue to visit your website or app regularly.

End appropriately

Your ending should echo your beginning. It’s like the end of a television episode where the audience is already looking forward to knowing what will be offered the next time. Similarly, phrases like ‘watch out for…’ or ‘stay tuned’ can keep your audience hooked onto your website.

Mobile content also needs to be written in a friendly tone if you want to attract customers. Additionally, work towards an outstanding UI and UX to make for a great customer experience.


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