How brands can leverage latest trends to drive social media conversation


Using social media for marketing can enable small business looking to expand their reach further to the potential customers. Customers are communicating with brands with the help of social media. Thus, having a strong social media marketing plan and presence on the web is one of the best ways to grab their interest. If implemented correctly, marketing with social media can bring remarkable success to a business.

However, apart from laying emphasis on the basics of a key social media marketing campaign like content and brand image planning, another key factor brands can play on is leveraging current trends to engage prospective customers on social media platforms.

Identifying and capitalising on new trends

For instance, take the case of Pokemon Go which became the viral sensation of the summer. Created by Niantic Labs and distributed by Nintendo, the app makes kids and adults wander around in search of creatures through their phones. Pokemon Go is being talked about even by people not playing the game, which has made it a major cultural phenomenon in such a short time.

Pokémon Go is less than a month old, but it is already experiencing the same levels of daily interaction as Twitter, so brands are looking for ways to be a part of the craze on social platform. This new craze has offered a plethora of tangible benefits to marketers and brands alike to engage with existing as well as prospective consumers.

From cafes and gyms to local restaurants, everyone is jumping on the Pokemon bandwagon to try and engage with their customers in a more interactive way. For example, larger brands like Zizzi and Pizza Express have been joining in the conversation on Twitter by posting game content that appeal to their Pokémon-mad audience, thereby increasing their Twitter conversations multifold.

Engaging the audience through innovative activities

But the craze is not only restricted to physical businesses to capitalise on. Online businesses are also jumping on the bandwagon with their real-time social teams which are chatting with people playing the game. Some brands are choosing to run competitions on social media platforms to win hordes of in-game currency ‑ PokéCoins. These PokéCoins are only available when parting with real-world cash.

The above trend is proof that when it comes to social media, it is simply not enough to publish updates on social media platforms. Capitalising on current hot trends on social media platforms to connect effectively with consumers will help build more brand follower relationships in a strategic way.

Brands driving creativity on social platforms

Many businesses have leveraged this extra attention in a number of creative and clever ways. Some have incorporated the Pokémon theme into their marketing tactics, while others are using social platforms to engage their followers at a higher level on social media.

Past few months have seen some big brands use clever techniques to grab the attention of their customer base online. E-commerce brand eBay demonstrated their participation in the Pokémon Go trend by putting up a photo on Instagram of Pokémon goodies placed side by side. While another e-commerce major Amazon used a smart technique of marketing their power bank by showcasing battery dying issues because of continuous playing of Pokémon Go.

The already existing buzz created by such trends among the users helps the brands to reach out to masses in new and exciting ways. This change is taking the social media marketing to another level. Various brands are coming up with out-of-box ideas to leverage such trends on virtual space. Creative ways to help users recognise the brand in a competitive market are practiced in a big way presently.

This paradigm shift has led the brands to rely more on content creation and other useful tools than to spend money on advertising that will make things less time-consuming and efficient.

The brands are looking beyond the tried and tested ways to gain popularity among audience, which is proving out to be in their favour. The users, too, are being benefited as they now have more to explore on the internet than ever.


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