When 12-year-old kids from Maharashtra protested and got weight of their school bags reduced


Their school now has lockers installed, all thanks to the press meet organised by two 12-year-old boys of Vidya Niketan School situated in the Chandrapur district of eastern Maharashtra. In the press conference, they openly voiced the daily hardships they face due to the burdensome bags.

Representational Image; Source - BBC

“We carry a minimum of 16 books for eight subjects daily and sometimes their number increases to 18 or 20, depending upon the subjects for which the classes would be held for the day. Our school bags weigh between five and seven kg and it's exhausting to carry them to our classroom located on the third floor,” the boys told PTI.

When asked if they were worried about facing disciplinary action from their school, the boys said their demands were “just” and that they did not anticipate any problem.

The Maharashtra government had earlier issued a circular on guidelines on reduction of weight of schoolbags carried by students. Following the Bombay High Court’s directives, the State had informed principals and school managements across the state to follow the circular.

Only two days after the press conference, lockers were installed in the school premises for students to keep books and stationery. But the fight is far from over. The students now plan to take this initiative to the national level and benefit all children slogging under heavy school bags.

“I will try to speak to the Education Minister about this and ask for his help to implement this rule in each and every school. I appeal to all the parents through your website to support their children and help us to implement this positive change all over the country,” one of the boys told The Better India.

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