How to impress recruiters with your LinkedIn profile


Grace Killelea, Founder of the Half The Sky Leadership programme, compares LinkedIn to speed-dating. Recruiters and hiring managers don’t just look for every achievement that makes you stand out, but also for reasons not to hire you. All of them look for tech-savvy individuals with a drive and passion for something outside of work as well. Hiring managers start their research on you from your LinkedIn profile, which stands in as a detailed online resume.

Here are a few things you need to take care of to get noticed by hiring managers visiting your LinkedIn profile:

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Your experience and skills

Whether you’ve worked as a clerk or as the MD of a company, every skill that you’ve gained in your past should be highlighted on your profile. Hiring managers are looking for valuable skills, such as teamwork and leadership, which you can apply in your future positions. LinkedIn is your professional brand that you must sell to the best of your abilities. Listing your education also boosts chances of a hiring manager viewing your profile and contacting you for more details.

Set your industry

The most common practice for a hiring manager is to look at candidates from their own industry. Listing your industry increases the chances of your profile being viewed by 15 times.

Provide evidence

Keep your profile updated with your latest achievements, some examples of your work and any promotions or improvements in your professional life. You can even upload projects that you have previously worked on (if it doesn’t violate any policies, of course) or relevant documents that stand testimony to your excellence at work. This serves as a tangible evidence of your skill.

Show volunteer work

Though many people do not consider volunteer work to be a significant factor, 42 percent of hiring managers consider it as formal work experience. It is a testament to the fact that you have other interests outside of the workplace and have a charitable frame of mind, which is appreciated in any organisation.

Use a professional photo

Though this one may seem inconsequential at the face of it, the photo is the first thing anyone who visits your profile sees and it is what creates a first impression of you. Even the best of hiring managers admit that a profile with no photo or a poor one doesn’t interest them. A LinkedIn profile is 14 times more likely to be viewed if it has a picture.

Be active

Do not be a passive participant. Make sure you update your information when it is relevant and stay active on the website. Share articles that intrigued you, connect with old colleagues and, if you’re feeling adventurous, try showcasing some of your own content, too!

Fill it up!

Keep in mind that your LinkedIn profile highlights you as a professional brand and you need to fill it up with all relevant information. Connect with as many people as you can and do not leave an incomplete profile as this is a sure way to have your profile dismissed at the first stage.

Once you’re done updating it, put yourself in a recruiter’s shoes and go through your profile as though it belongs to a stranger. If you’re impressed, chances are your prospective hirer will be too. Keep your social and professional lives separate and get to work on your profile right now!


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