How small life changes can bring about big results


According to the Butterfly Effect, tiny changes in a complex system can lead to results that are virtually impossible to predict. What might seem like a very small and insignificant change in one place could result in large differences somewhere else or at a later stage. For example, when you roll a ball down a hill, it can go in any direction. The direction sometimes depends entirely on a small rock that it might hit on its way down. In life, too, when dramatic events take place, you might find yourself agonising over the most basic and minute details that could have changed the outcome entirely.

While we tend to focus on the seemingly big ways to solve life’s problems, we often ignore the fact that the true solution lies in making small, minuscule changes in our daily lives. Here are a few small ways you can bring about a BIG impact in your lives:

Waking up early

Ensure you live by Robin Sharma’s mantra: “Mind over mattress.” Waking up early adds an extra hour to your daily lives. Bill Gates, Barack Obama, Jeff Bezos, Tim Cook—all these successful people are early risers. They wake up before the crack of dawn and engage themselves in productive activities that keep them up and about for the entire day. Waking up early regularly has also been shown to have significant positive effects on an individual’s health. Studies have also shown that morning people are actually  ls.

Exercise regularly

Exercising regularly can have a multitude of benefits in your life – physically and mentally. It keeps you fit and helps to avoid ailments in the long run. It not only affects your physique but also helps you sleep better. In fact, exercise also benefits the cognitive functions of the brain. Owing to the improved blood circulation, it also helps de-stress and be more creative instead. You can use the these fitness apps to stay in the prime of your health without spending a fortune.


Meditation helps release stress, let go of unwanted thoughts and expands awareness. In fact, meditation helps you work your way out of stifled emotions and feelings and helps perceive things in a new light. It helps you let go of things that bring you down and encourages you to embrace the goodness of life instead. You can use these meditation apps to help you tide over crises.

Don’t skip breakfast

The importance of breakfast can never be emphasised enough. It is, indeed, the most important meal of the day. It helps the brain wake up after a long night of inactivity. A high-fibre breakfast composed of cereals, nuts, fruits and milk is the best way to start your day. In fact, breakfast has been shown to have positive results on daily productivity as well. No wonder that there are many startups like Brekkie that aim to provide nutritious breakfasts on the go.

Make a list

The power of making a to-do list is that it gives you the ability to see your entire day, week or month ahead so that you can prioritise your tasks accordingly. It helps you organise, delegate, and monitor your own progress. Many successful people make it a point to jot down a to-do list for the day right after waking up. This, in turn, helps them save a lot of time later. In fact, smart to-do lists, like Todoed, enables you to share lists with your team and also sync it across various devices in order to make use of it at any required time.

What are the small changes that make a big difference to your life? Let us know in the comments section below.


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