How to approach potential clients and consumers on social media


Social media is a great marketing tool, it is organic (most of it), cost effective and reliable. It is fast and unwrapped. In today’s day and age, it has made it easier for you to reach out to potential consumers and users to showcase your product and eventually convert them into your customers.

But most businesses often fail to make an impact on social media. A major part of your social media communication depends on your industry, reach and customer base. When it comes to B2C marketing, targeting and approaching the potential group is easy, unlike the B2B model, where you need to deal with the hard-core professionals, who already know the drill. Here is how you approach your potential clients here:

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Don’t initiate a conversation with an automated message

Messages like “Thank you for following me, here is how we can connect” are a BIG NO. These messages are annoying and show a lack of effort to connect with your client. Instead, send personalised messages. For every potential client, your needs and their background will be different. Tailor your approach accordingly. Before you even send out a request, ask for your team member to check the message for you. Send a message indicating that you genuinely want a connection.

Start with pure networking

Don’t keep business as your top priority. Converting a potential lead into an actual customer is a long process. Networking is the first step of this process, followed by establishing yourself as a domain expert. Don’t try to sell your services unless the concerned person is fully convinced of your expertise.

Always add social proof

You can always push your services and your abilities to serve your best to customers and clients, but how often will they trust you? Social proof is a great way to convert them into your customers. Attach testimonials, images and customer experience videos to your communication. This will only strengthen your straw.

Engage consistently

Social media is all about engagement, and to be successful it must be consistent in both timing and presentation. In case you are a brand or a social influencer with a high following, replying to all comments and likes might get difficult. However, this is a must to stay engaged with your loyal followers. Always write something personal for the user you are replying to, and add some tips and references as well.

Avoid spamming

No one likes receiving constant promotional updates. Bombarding your clients or customers with such messages will only annoy them and drive them away from your brand. To get maximum attention from them, identify the right time to post on your accounts and send emails. You can also schedule your social media posts. Here are some tools that can help you with social media management.

Attract customers innovatively

Last and not the least please don’t push sell your services the moment you come across your potential customer. Do something insightful to get their attention. Identify an issue and offer a solution. Research well on the brand and identify the opportunities or the issues. Don’t forget to leave your social footprints, in case he wants to get in touch or wants to see your social authority.

Social media has a treasure trove of benefits to help you grow your business. By using it to learn more about your customers, engage with your audience, and extend your brand reach, you’ll be converted before you know it.


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