ChaiPoint launches, India's first cloud-based platform for beverage services


It’s the fuel that kickstarts people’s days and keeps offices across the country running. Sipping piping hot cups of Chai and coffee, in a myriad variants and flavours, is a deeply entrenched tradition in our country. Tradition was given a modern twist when Amuleek Singh, Founder and CEO, Chai Point, India's largest Chai retail chain, spoke about, a cloud-based beverage services platform, which includes fully automatic and IOT enabled dispensers at TECHSPARKS2016.

Built on a dream of providing everyone’s favourite Chai and coffee, is a cloud-based platform for beverage services. The platform is called Shark, and is one of ChaiPoint’s foremost infrastructural pillars. It connects the point of sale, supply chain, employee management, delivery system, and auditing etc. in one place. It is India’s, if not the world’s, first cloud-based beverage services platform.

The IoT-enabled dispenser is connected to the cloud, which lets Chai Point monitor and check every dispenser they have set up in any office. This lets them monitor if the machine is having trouble or there isn’t any coffee or Chai left in the dispenser. An alert is instantly sent and someone is dispatched to fix the problem.

It’s not just Chai Point that has access to your dispenser, the information is also shared with the company and they can keep a track of every cup of Chai consumed. And they can track the progress of every machine at any given location.

The IOT-enabled dispensers are based on Chai Point’s core value of 100% pure ingredients – quality Chai leaves and ground coffee, fresh milk, and water. The cloud platform offers strong customer service capabilities with a CRM dashboard and a centralised command centre to act on customer issues and data generated by the IOT-enabled dispensers.

The command centre enables Chai Point’s repair and maintenance team to deliver timely quality service as it live monitors the dashboard getting information from its IOT enabled dispensers.

Announcing the launch of, Singh said, “Chai and filter coffee is fuel for all offices – these beverages are now considered as a core utility by corporates. The more savvy ones see good quality beverages as a must-have employee engagement service. That said, authentic Chai and filter coffee solutions are rarely available – you get compromises. What corporates also miss is an effective platform that assures a high uptime level of beverage services and transparency on the billing basis – is aimed to solve just that.”


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