5 tips to help you decide between two equally good candidates


What is the one problem that entrepreneurs face that is too good to have? It’s having to choose between two equally good candidates. Often, it gets hard to find the one person who fits the criteria, let alone two. But in miraculous situations like these, as an entrepreneur, you should ask yourself some tough, but compelling questions. The answer to those questions will give you clarity and direction as to who between the two candidates has an upper hand for the position.

Here are some tips and tricks that will help you ensure that you are selecting the better candidate between the two for your company, and no, it’s not rock, paper, scissors!

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Evaluate them on the basis of your team’s needs

The candidate selected should fill in the core requirements as well as complement your core team with their unique experiences. You should think and analyse whether a candidate with distinct opinions, ideas and strengths will be beneficial and productive if included into your work force or not.

Request your candidates for a second interview

Have both your prized candidates come back for another interview and get them interviewed by someone else from your team. This will help you observe their interactions with others and give you a clear perception as to who has more depth and knowledge required for the position on offer. Remember, if your choice is seconded by someone else you trust, chances are that you are not wrong.

Conduct a test run

Obviously, you can’t give both of them the position, but what you can do is put both of them to a practical test. This will not only help you determine their enthusiasm but also have the opportunity of seeing them at work and face real-time tasks. This has another advantage: your team members will be able to give indispensable feedback as to who is more suited to fit the position.

Assess their attributes

It is a given that not both your valued candidates will be equal in every aspect, since as individuals, they will have different personalities. It is important to check which aspects and skills of the candidates will complement your company’s work culture and help in attaining your overall goals.

Ask them why you should hire them

This is a tricky question, but assuming that both your candidates are able professionals, they will know what exactly is to be brought to the table. A clear, researched answer coupled with a concise projection of their plans and aims is often well appreciated in contrary to those who have murky vision as to what to say.

Finally, when the tough process of selection is over, be sure to be polite with your follow-up to the candidate who couldn’t make the cut. Either way, selecting the better among two who are equally good is a challenging process, but it is sure to leave you with at least one really good candidate.