5 instant hacks to change your bad mood


We all go through the phase of constantly feeling vexed, not knowing what to do next. To put it in layman’s terms, we all got through a ‘bad mood’ occasionally. However, you'd be surprised that there have been various studies showing that being in a bad mood is not bad after all. In fact, psychologists argue that occasional sadness is necessary to balance an individual's emotional quotient. It helps us differentiate between good and bad times, value positivity over negativity and persuade in us the feeling of gratitude. In short, you really don't have to feel bad for feeling bad. The mood could just be a reflection of your unsatisfied and disappointed state and is definitely not permanent.

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Despite this, being in a bad mood is not a great feeling either. If you’re feeling gloomy today, here are five ways to instantly cheer yourself up:

Get a change of scene

Let’s say you had a verbal disagreement with a colleague sitting right next to you. The situation has ticked you off, and if you continue to stay in the same environment, your negative feelings will simply play around with your mind. Instead, take a break from your work and get a change of scene. Step out in the sun, go to a new environment and surround yourself with different people. This will instantly uplift your mood and help you leave your bad feelings behind.

Exercise, meditate and let it go!

The production of endorphins is related to happiness, and  countless studies have shown that any kind of physical exercise positively affects our mood. There are many different ways to release this ‘feeling-oh-so-good hormone’ and change your mood from grumpy to euphoric. For instance, if you are in the office, walking down the hall while talking on the phone, climbing at least three floors or even taking a brisk walk under the sun (Yes, Vitamin D can make you happy!) after lunch hours would cheer you up instantly. The basic idea is to hack into your happy chemicals. Alternatively, if you are unable to carve out some time for these exercises, indulge in a deep breathing exercise while sitting in your chair – inhaling peace and exhaling negativity.

Treat yourself

Having a bad day? Treat yourself for putting up with it! Look up for things that can break the pattern and help you feel better. Watch a comedy movie, listen to uplifting songs, go window shopping, grab a coffee with a close friend or simply get a slice of cake from your favourite bakery. Look at the brighter side of being in a bad mood – you get to do what you like the best. Do something that puts a smile on your face, and your bad mood will soon be history!

Catnap always helps

Bad mood happens, and sometimes it is good to just sleep on it! If you’re sleep deprived, chances are that your bad mood is just a ramification of inadequate sleep. According to a study, sleep and mood are closely connected. In fact, chronic sleep disorder may increase the risk of developing a mood disorder, suggests the study. Snagging just a bit of sleep during the day can help boost mood and recharge you enough to sail through the day.

Drink plenty of water

Did you know not having adequate amount of water can play havoc with your moods? If you're feeling generally grumpy, tired, cranky and restless, you may be suffering from dehydration. Studies show that even mild dehydration can result in low mood conditions. So, if you're feeling a little crabbed, try tossing off a glass of water, and see if that helps.

So next time when you are feeling a bit cranked up, try these simple, yet effective, hacks to instantly uplift your mood. Do you have any other hacks to get you out of the dumps? Let us know in the comment section below!


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