Apple launch event for iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, Apple Watch Series 2 and AirPod - as it happened



Hopes were really high after Tim Cooks's recent visit to India - one of the fastest

growing markets in the world for Apple. But the exclusion of India

from the list of countries where iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus will be

launched this week comes as a disappointment.



Siya is performing on 'the Greatest' now.



Order for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus starts September 9.

Shipping starts one week later. India not included in the list of

countries where iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus is launching this




Two high-efficiency cores by Apple designed perfomance

controller. In addition, 50 percent faster than A9 graphics


00:06  Performance

A10 fusion Chip-


  • 64 bit, 4 core CPU
  • 40% faster than A9

00:05  Japan

  • Felica technology to be included to roll out Apple Payin October.
  • Transit in Apple maps to be launched in October

00:04  Apple Pay

Over 90 percent of wireless transaction in US took place through Apple



Beats Solo3 wireless and Powerbeats3 wireless using W1 chip (by



One touch connect with all Apple devices


00:00  Apple Airpod features

  • W 1 chip - reliable connection
  • IR sensors to detect when airpods are in your ear
  • Motion sensors
  • Voice acclerometers
  • 25 hours of battery life
  • Intellgent connections to all your apple devices

23:58  Launching

Wireless Apple Airpods

23:57  Why remove the analog jack?

  • Because of courage
  • Single purpose analog connector doesn't make sense inthe space crunch
  • Quality of sound

23:56  Ear pods

  • Digital audio
  • Power and control
  • 900 lightning connector devices across the world
  • Move on to lightning connector
  • Lightning to mini phono adapter to be included in alliPhone 7 boxes

23:54  Speakers in iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus

  • Stereo speakers - for the first time
  • One on top and one on bottom
  • Twice the volume of iPhone 6 and 6 Plus



Head of Design, Instagram - Ian Spalter is on stage now

23:50  Retina HD display in iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus

25 percent brighter display

Wide colour gamut

Cinema standard

Color management

3D touch


Live preview of this feature available on iPhone 7 Plus


One more use of camera - something challenging and big breakthrough.

Shallow depth of field with pin sharp focus and bokeh similar to

that of DSLR/high achievable with the clicked photos using machine



  • Digital zoom up to 10x
  • Ooptical zoom up to 2x

23:43  iPhone Plus camera

Wide angle and Telephoto - with two lenses - featuring in iPhone

7 Plus


  • 12 MP camera
  • Quad LED true tone flash


  • RAW camera API
  • Wide colour capture API
  • 7MP FaceTime HD camera in the front


  • Water and dust resistant


Camera -

  • Optimcal image stabilisation 3x times
  • Six elements lens
  • Better flash
  • High speed sensor
  • Image signal processor - noise reduction, tone mapping,and more. iSP more than 100 million processing points in
  • less than 25 milliseconds

23:34  iPhone features

  • Jet-black gloss finish
  • Available in Gold, Silver and Rose Gold
  • Home Button used for Multitasking, Siri,Accessibility, Touch ID, Reachability, Apple
  • Pay, Force sensitive


Phillip Schiller - SVP Worldwide marketing, Apple is on stage


23:31  iPhone 7 looks

  • Alumunium body
  • High gloss black finish
  • Protective oxide layer
  • Single component dye
  • Superior high shine
  • Most singular and most evolved representation of thisdesign

23:28  iPhone 7

Dual camera. Looks like the leaked designs were accurate.


Messages - a lot more can be done without leaving messages

23:27  iOs 10 - biggest launch of iOs till date

  • Maps redesigned - book ride, restaurant without leavingmaps
  • Home automation integrated with Apple Home Kit - over a100 products coming soon


Sold over a billion iPhones till now. It is bestselling product

of its kind ever in the history.

23:24  Next is iPhone launch


Apple Watch series 2 and Apple Watch Nike+ priced at $369 while

series 1 with dual core processor(upgraded) at $269

Available on September 9(Series 2) and late October (Nike+)

23:21  Apple Watch Nike+ features

  • Shortcut to run or you can tell Siri to run
  • At a glance onscreen big letters tracking to avoiddistraction
  • Personalised reminders
  • Every Sunday - invitation to join runners across theglobe
  • Access to Nike+ Running Club - personalised trainers andmore
  • Not focussed on data and metrics but you
  • Available in 4 cool colours


Nike brand President - Trevor Edwards on stage now.

23:17  Apple partners with Nike

Apple has partnered with Nike to launch Apple Watch Nike+. It

features beautiful perforated band.


Apple Watch has partnered with Hermes for new types of



Apple Watch Series 2 will be available in 6 cases.


Apple Watch will now track and help you with your next hike as

well guiding you all the way.


23:11  Apple Watch 2 features

  •  Dual core processor
  • New GPU - 2 times performance
  • 2nd gen display - brightest display Apple has evershipped in any product
  • Built in GPS


Jeff - We simulated 100s of thousands of strokes to make sure

that the Apple Watch 2 suits to the needs of professional swim work

outs and swimmers


Apple Watch 2 is swim proof. It is water resistant 50m which is

industry standard.

23:04  Apple Watch Series 2

Introducing the next generation of Apple Watch


Pokemon Go on Apple watch will help you to be the very best.

It'll be shipping before end of the year (2016).


You can never miss a PokeStop with an Apple Watch now.


Pokemn Go syncs up with Apple Watch activity.

23:00  Pokemon Go for Apple Watch

Niantic CEO - John Hanke on stage now.

22:59  Apple watch updates

  • Watch faces
  • Messaging more expressive - animated stickers, fullscreen effects, custom replies with scribble
  • Jeff - "those people who are sceptical about typing onsmall screen should use scribble"
  • Activity - share with your family and friends
  • Beathe - new app - each day reminds you to take a momentoff
  • SOS - safety feature activates by simply pressing sidebutton(and dials local emergency number)
  • Pokemon Go is coming to the Apple Watch


Jeff William, COO, Apple is on stage now.

22:56  Apple Watch

Cook - "Within 18 months, Apple Watch has changed what people

expect form a watch. Right now, Apple watch is second to only Rolex

and above Fossil, Omega, Cartier, Citizen in terms of sales


22:51  Launch of real time collaboration in iWorks.

Susan Prescott, VP, Application Product Marketing at Apple

demonstrating the real time collaborations in iWorks.


ConnectED -

  • Apple TV in every classroom.
  • Donating iPads to more than 50,000 students
  • Donating 5,000 Macbook to teachers

22:47  What Apple is doing to promote education

ConnectED - National initiative connecting govt and leading

technologies working in underserved schools.


Miyamoto - We'll launch Super Mario stickers for iPhone, which

you can send to your friends while chatting with them.


Miyamoto - Super Mario will release on time for holidays in



You can collect coins in this game which can be used later.


Toad Rally - the new feature of Mario for App store.


You can now play Mario with just one hand.


Shigeru Miyamoto, the inventor of Mario, is on stage. He's

demonstrating how the new Super Mario will work on iPhone.


Super Mario by Nintendo is on App Store.


App store highlights

  • 106% YoY growth.
  • 2x more global revenue than nearest competitor
  • 140 billion total downloads till dates
  • 500,000 games


Cook - App Store forever changed the work of software and our



Tim Cook - Apple Music witnessed 70 popular releases including

Drake and Taylor Swift this year.


With 30 million songs and 17 million paid subscribers, Apple

Music is going great.


Tim Book - Apple is working with Carpool Karaoke to produce some

episodes which will be live early next year on Apple Music.


And Tim Cook gets off the car and enters the stage.


Sweet Home Alabama, with Pharrell Williams. This is getting



James Corden with Tim Cook and carpool karaoke setting the tone

for the event.


Bill Graham Civic Auditorium, San Francisco is all set to host

Apple iPhone 7 launch.


And we're live now.

Now playing - Ride by Twenty One Pilots.


While demonstrating the Google Maps integration on the iPhone,

Steve Jobs decided that he wanted to have a cup of coffee. So he

picked his location as ‘Moscone West’, searched for Starbucks and

picked one of the outlets that popped up. He then proceeded to call

the outlet, while on stage. After a few rings, a Starbuck’s barista


“Good morning from Starbucks. How may I help you?” Much to the

delight of the audience, Steve Jobs then proceeded to answer- “Yes,

I'd like to order 4,000 lattes to go, please.” And after a short

pause added, “Just kidding. Wrong number. Goodbye!”

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the iPhone.


Will Tim Cook play a prank like Steve Jobs did in 2007 during first

iPhone launch?


According to sources, in addition to a new iPhone, Tim Cook

and his parade of executives will likely announce the official

release dates for iOS 10, as well as the new macOS Sierra, watchOS

3, and tvOS 10 operating systems.



As we get ready for Apple’s iPhone 7 launch, here's a throwback to the beginning of iPhone



Stay tuned. The event starts at 10:30 PM IST.


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According to sources, final iPhone 7 leaks before official

unveiling show new black color, redesigned LED flash and

waterproofed SIM tray.


There are speculations that iPhone 7 Pro may not be announced

today, as the official live video stream (caption)gives a

hint about the same. The '?' following the 'Iphone 7 Pro' does a

good job of seeding this doubt in our minds.

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