Six reasons the video press release is the next big thing in PR!


What is a video press release? It’s a press release that describes your brand story visually, creating a new art of storytelling. The format of the video could be a how-to, a listicle-type breakdown of the points or a news report-style piece, each with the brand’s spokesperson describing the press release for the viewer. Okay, that sounds easy. But will it take centre stage in public relations?

There are an increasing number of prominent companies investing time in creating their video news releases – for the purpose of consumer consumption and sharing. A prime example of the new trend is Audi’s VPR from last year, The New Audi A6 Matrix - Video Press Release. So, if you are upset that your press releases aren’t getting the mileage they once did, you are not alone. Here are six reasons why creating a video press release will improve traction.

#1. You can DETAIL it

The goal has always been to promote the unique product/service to potential customers and influencers (bloggers and journalists) within your industry. To ensure interest, be sure to differentiate the look and feel of your video production from that of a commercial. Focus on selling compelling content with proof, facts, spokesperson quotes and credentials. You can also embed video content in traditional press releases. The choice is yours!

#2. You can SHOW your story, rather than tell it

Video can offer great ways to pitch your story. From short clips to full length stories, give journalists the video sequences, cutaways and images that best describe your story. You can also use graphics or charts in the video to illustrate your point, but make sure to keep the video under two minutes.

#3. You can get CREATIVE with multimedia

While you’re creating multimedia content, think of content that will serve multiple purposes across forums. For instance, if it’s for YouTube, then it certainly makes sense to include a two-minute video that embeds detailed content for crossover appeal. But if your audience spends more time on Facebook and Twitter, then you can get creative with short videos that reinforce the message and increase the likelihood of social sharing.

#4. You can build authority with ANCHORS

Confused about whether to do-it-yourself or not? Here’s an idea! Find a press release service that will create quality digital news releases, embed their own anchor persons in videos, to talk about you and your story, and help you reach out to publishers, bloggers and journalists. Go all in! Here’s one such service platform I came across:

#5 You can create content based on VIDEO CONSUMPTION PATTERNS

Understanding consumer habits, what and where viewers’ consumer content comes from, plays a very vital role. Today, online video analysis is helping brands understand consumption patterns, quality of the content and viewing experience, which results in creating compelling content for the target audience. It is highly recommended that you start using online video tools and analytics to drive greater results.

#6. You can SHARE socially

The use of social media can always amplify the reach of your news – it’s one of the primary sources of dissemination today. Nowadays, a lot of people get their news from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn, more often than anywhere else. That means the video press release should be easy to download or share across social networks, including on PR distribution channels. This way, you are also getting away from struggling with the space-crunch of print publications!

Last but not the least, creating videos can be cost-effective and very easy. With the latest innovations and platforms on your side, a dynamic video press release can work magic. The bottom line is- just take time to look into real stories that can connect your brand to your audience in a visual way, to boost your brand awareness.

Because, if content is king, video is heir to the throne! What do you think?

(Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of YourStory.)


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