Want to be more productive at work? Here’s what you should be doing!


In today’s competitive work environment, we all aspire to be extremely productive so as to gain the appreciation of our seniors, prove our mettle and thereby progress in our careers. Productivity does not imply doing more work in lesser time but doing quality work in the allotted time. There is no rocket science in being productive; just incorporating the following simple habits will do the trick for you:

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Limit how much time you spend on a task

When you start your day, make a to-do list and schedule a tentative timeline for each task. Motivate yourself to finish these within time and, needless to say, prioritise the list in a way that you don’t end up spending time working on unimportant activities. Once you begin setting mini goals for your day, you will end up planning better and it will eventually reflect on your productivity.

All work and no play make Jack a dull boy

Believe it or not, this proverb that you learnt in school actually holds true in professional life. If you think working all day without taking any break makes you more productive, you couldn’t be more wrong. In fact, taking small, refreshing breaks increase productivity. Go out for a short walk, read a few pages of your favorite book, play a game of carom or just take a power nap and free yourself from any gadget around you. Come back to work in a while and you’ll see the difference in your productivity.

Practice yoga and meditation

Meditation works like magic. It heals the body and mind like no other thing in the world. A 30-minute yoga and mediation session in the morning, right after you wake up, is the most refreshing activity you can perform in the day. It calms the soul and helps you concentrate better, thereby improving your productivity as well.

Treat yourself with small things

Remember how a smiley or an A+ from the teacher in your notebook made your day? Well, why not relive those days again? At the end of every productive hour or day at work, reward yourself with little prizes, like a small self-congratulatory note on your desk, or a chocolate, or a refreshing, long drive. However, make sure you exercise self-control and monitor yourself fairly rather than giving in to the rewards.

Surround yourself with positive energy

Decorate your desk with things that make you feel positive – family pictures, religious motifs or even a desk plant. Ensure that you regularly declutter your table. An organised, clutter-free workstation makes you feel motivated and inspired to work in a more focussed manner, thereby enhancing your productivity.

The road to productivity is not easy and requires consistent amount of patience and determination. Instilling these simple yet effective habits into your daily schedule will help you become more valuable to your organisation and boost your career progression.