How to rise above your workplace insecurities


Nobody is perfect, and let’s face it, we all have insecurities within us. Whether it is about our looks, financial state, career, home, family, friends or anything beyond this, there are times when we feel negative about things around us. Our insecurities drive us to do things which might have a negative effect on our personal and professional lives. If you are in a similar situation, here’s how you can keep your personal insecurities away from your professional life:

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Look within yourself to understand the primary cause of your insecurity. Do you think of yourself as someone who misses great opportunities because of lack of initiative and perseverance? Do you tend to lose friends because of your temperament? It is important to identify what makes you feel under-confident, and work towards improving it. If you think you give up easily, then try setting goals for yourself and work towards achieving one goal at a time. If your temper is holding you back at work, join meditation classes for anger management.

Speak up

It is important to have at least one friend, mentor or guide at your workplace who can be you confidante and supporter and with whom you can share your personal problems. This will reduce mental stress and anxiety levels. These people will boost your morale when you feel low and will make sure you rise above your fears and troubles. They can help you sail through your insecurities by guiding you in the right direction in a way that it does not affect your professional career.

It’s okay to not know everything

Many people suffer from the insecurity of not having enough knowledge about things around them. Understand that no person on the planet will have the answers to everything. If you have changed your job or industry recently, you will obviously be unaware of all the happenings. However, what matters is your level of curiosity and interest in developing your knowledge of the sector. Ask questions to your peers and do some background research about the competition and the industry. This will help you approach your work more fearlessly and drive away your personal anxieties.

Carry yourself with confidence

We have been raised by our society in a way that we inevitably compare ourselves with others and are intimidated by them. We are often discontented with what we have, and this makes us insecure about the way we appear to others. The only way out of this situation is to feel confident about who you are. Every person has a different story in life and you should not let their story affect yours.

Getting rid of your personal insecurities is not an easy process, and the toughest part is to keep them away from your work life. While you try to gain control over your insecurities, remember to maintain your self-esteem and compassion. You might meet people who try to drag you down, but keep your head high in this journey to emerge successful.