What startups should learn from the success of PV Sindhu


As an individual, I am always on a lookout for inspiration. This time of the year, I did not have to go too far looking for inspiration. As I watching the Rio Olympics, the success of the super-talented badminton player P.V. Sindhu resolved me to work towards the betterment of my career.

Such galvanising story, not only moved the entire nation but also broke all the ill-shaped stereotypes formed in the name of feminism and social evils. The motivating story of P.V. Sindhu is an ideal tale for every startup, which begins as a baby and arises to gain success and provide brilliant ideas into society. All founders of startups or entrepreneurs must look into the hard life of P.V. Sindhu to understand how to keep themselves motivated and ensuring success through pure hard work and commitment.

Little things that were beautifully depicted in the match which an entrepreneur must keep in mind while setting up his business include:

Be passionate:

Many of us dreamed of flying off into space or working like Bob the Builder, but how many of us are crazy enough to pursue that dream? When starting up, you obviously have to come up with a brilliant idea, but also be passionate enough to go through all the tough times to ensure that your idea survives. The key to any successful business is to be zealous about it. Sindhu always wanted to be a great badminton player and for that she was passionate. Such eagerness allowed her to achieve such achievements today. Chase down your dream like a hound tracks his prey.

Have a support system:

Without real support and foundation, your company would not last very long. Take the perfect example of Sindhu's family - her father and mother stood by her side throughout her career. This encouraged her to achieve more in life and overcome the difficulties she faced. Likewise, if you have a family (co-workers or workers) that stands with you and aids you in achieving your goals, then you can see your idea converting into a full blown business setup.

Don't give up:

The astonishing match for which she bagged the silver medal seemed to be out of her hand in the beginning, but, Sindhu just did not give up. Giving all she had, she snatched the victory based solely on hard work.

In a startup, one is doomed to face failures and boulders and his path. That does not mean they give up. Picking up all the pieces and starting again is a fundamental rule of startup. Become the repetitive offenders who just don't know when to give up.

Run the extra mile:

Leaving home at 3 am in the morning, Sindhu travelled 50 km daily just to reach her training centre. The dedication this girl shows is impressive! Inspiring us all, she runs the extra mile to grab more energy for her win. All entrepreneurs and startup owners, take your company beyond anyone's wildest dreams.

Ignore bad vibes:

Not only is she an ideal of hard work, but also to ignoring all the bad vibes. The roasting of Indian Olympians was a bad move from all the non-supporters. Not paying heed to it, she set an example to keep your focus on the aim and ignore all the bickering neighbours. While managing your work, you will meet many peeps with negative vibes. All you have to do is ignore them and concentrate on your job.

Patience is virtue:

When you establish a new company, you face difficulties one by one. Sometimes, the hardships feel to last forever. In such situations, chant the mantra 'patience is virtue'. For those who pass this phase of endurance experience real success exactly like how facing uphill battles aided Sindhu to realise her dreams today.

P.V. Sindhu, the sportsmanship you showcased in the Rio Olympics was commendable. Continuing to work hard, you oblige us all to follow you and break some ground!

(Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of YourStory.)


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