Take your message global in 3 easy steps


How effective is your message globally? Most businesses focus on creating content that caters to the local market but often forget that the world is getting smaller. There are approximately 2.5 billion internet users worldwide, with US and China comprising of 207 million and 300 million users, respectively. Ignoring the potential market on a global level is one of the biggest mistakes that Indian entrepreneurs are committing, thereby leaving potential revenues on the table.

So what do we mean by local and global audiences? Simply put, a local audience consists of your family, friends and social community who live within the same city or country. A global audience, on the other hand has members spread across different continents. It consists of international networks and international organisations.

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The advent of the internet has made customer accessibility easy for businesses, but the onus still remains in getting the message right across different cultures. It is definitely a challenge, but not impossible. If you can ace the following steps, you could easily stand out from the crowd and take your content to global audiences.

Follow the right mindset to determine your message

What is it exactly that you would like to offer to your audience on a global platform? The problem is that most marketers lack a clear idea of how they are expected to market a certain product or service. Most importantly, when it comes to exploring new markets, they don't even know who their potential audience is. This complicates the whole scenario of marketing and advertising.

So the first step is to determine the essence of your business in a precise manner. Jot down the points that you would like to highlight when designing campaigns for global reach. Once you have a clear idea of what you want to sell and how, study macro trends of the new markets and data on purchasing behaviour of people across the globe. Compare your USPs with their decision-making triggers. This exercise should help you shorten the gap between your products and your customer’s expectations.

10 seconds take-away: Once you are able to understand a global customer's perspective, you’ll be able to design campaigns that have the ability to cater to a wide audience – not just locally, but also globally.

Grow your audience through social media interactions

Once you have the data of your potential customer base, make efforts to grow your audience through social media interactions. Engage and build a network of people having genuine interest in your product or service. Building a strong social media presence is an important tool for any business. It’s a place where you can demonstrate your expertise, inspire people and explain how you strive to serve them better. This not only attracts the right audience but also helps in building strong business relations in the long run.

In short, create a platform where people can share ideas, thoughts and opinions. This will allow you to attract a good number of influential people in your field, adding value to social interactions on your page. Create a place where valuable discussions can take place.

10 seconds take-away: Connect with prominent industry leaders in the world. Many visionary entrepreneurs engage with their audience through online interactions. This keeps the message circulating in the minds of people, making a virtual community of followers who eventually become loyal customers.

Build a process for re-targeting and sustaining global collaborations

Once you have your message on board, it’s time to spend some time in creating re-targeting strategies. Re-targeting is considered as one of the most profitable channels for paid media. If you can generate great content for global reach, you might be able to get a few leads, but re-targeting people ensures conversions. All entrepreneurs are advised to make use of both paid and earned media.

Apart from this, buying even a small fraction of media attention through publishing networks, such as The Atlantic, BuzzFeed, Forbes and others, depending upon your industry, can be extremely effective to market your message. Collaborating with groups and people who can help spread your message across channels can be a great way to tell your story. Find organisations or groups on Twitter or Facebook who have similar interest and collaborate with them.

10 seconds take-away - Some great networks for re-targeting are AdRolll, Triggit, Google Adwords and Perfect Audience.

You can make your message global through many other ways. These are just a few tips that we strongly recommend which have shown great results in the past and continue to deliver without failure.