How to write an About Page to tell your brand’s story


If you put a lot of thought into your sales and marketing material, but not so much into your About page, think again. Your About page is where you can showcase your company’s values and your brand’s qualities. Analytics show that the About page is one of the most visited pages on a website – and if it’s written well, it can help you build a lasting relationship with your audience.

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Here are few tips to make the most efficient sales page on your business’s website.

Tell your brand’s story

Most of your audience is already aware of your business specifics, such as the products and the services you offer. Don’t repeat those on your About Page. Instead, tell your visitors who you really are and the story of your humble beginnings, highlighting the positive attributes that got you where you are. Also, include your future plans for your business through an inspiring story. You can tell the readers what sets you apart from your competitors through this page. Give them answers on a personal level to why they should associate with your brand. Create a personality for your brand that resonates with the needs of your target audience.

Include real-life visuals

An essential part of any online content is a visual element. This applies to the About Page, too. It only takes a few seconds for website visitors to get a first impression. Well-designed, tastefully-done visuals about your company increases interest and willingness to go through the content. Show who you are and make it personal by illustrating images of your workspace and employees. You can also consider including an inspirational video as a supplement to written content.

Be customer-oriented

Find a way to address your audience’s objectives and challenges in your About page. Telling them that you’re going to solve their problems is an indication that you have kept them in mind while creating your products and services. Cut out the jargon and keep the language simple and easy to understand.

Don’t use over-the-top visual design elements to make it overly attractive. This will make it complicated, confuse visitors, and reduce its overall effectiveness.

Include social proof

If your page is filled with self-praise, it will be difficult to instil trust in your prospective customers. Add social evidence in the form of an industry leader’s quote, statistics about your customers, or customer testimonials that speak volumes for your brand. Social proof is reassuring and helps build trust in your business and your brand. For this, you can use widgets that will display the number of followers, social media likes, and more.

Use these points while crafting your perfect About Page to make it one of the most valuable marketing tools to showcase your brand. And keep it simple. Give it the attention it deserves and you’ll see that it wasn’t so hard after all.