Audience poll: VOTE for your favorite TECH30 Company today


We at YourStory take the annual Tech30 list very seriously. This year’s theme for the TechSparks conference was ‘Build. Grow. Monetize’ to celebrate India’s technology, innovations and ideas that have the potential to scale. So with this guideline, we set about discovering the diamonds in the rough—those entrepreneurs who are toiling hard to give shape to their ideas across India.

We looked at over 2,600 applications, held meetups in 10 cities, and multiple iterations later, we whittled down the list to 30. The jury comprised of a representation from YourStory’s senior editorial and research staff along with industry veterans from the startup ecosystem in India.

For YourStory, all Tech30 companies are winners. The jury at the event, however, picked three companies based on the live presentations made. We want you to pick yours. The winning company will take home Rs 1,00,000.

Those of you who tried to vote earlier might be wondering why we’re re-opening the audience poll. Well, what happened was that on Day 2 of TechSparks, we took audience/reader voting live on our site using a third-party tool, and the overwhelming response we got – 7,000 votes per minute! – crashed the service. So here we are, asking you to vote if you couldn’t on Saturday. The audience choice poll is now hosted on our own platform.

And here are the parameters and criteria for selection.

TECHNOLOGY: Is the technology built, or does it leverage a next step in the evolution of existing tech? Does the technology solution have the potential to impact millions of people?

TEAM: Is the past experience of the founders/management relevant to the problem being solved? Does the team demonstrate a wide range of skills and capabilities required to solve the problem? Do they have past entrepreneurial work experience?

TRACTION: Has the team been able to demonstrate growth in user base or other forms of rapid adoption? Has the startup showed proof of adoption in terms of revenue?

SCALABILITY: Is the solution scalable to millions of people? Are the right building blocks present to achieve scalability?

MARKET: Is the addressable market a large and potentially lucrative one? What is the clarity on revenue models?

Now its your chance to vote your favorite TECH30. You can pick your favourites based on their profiles here:

The procedure is simple, follow the link and choose up to 3 companies. This time next week, we will share the results with you – watch this space for more!

Note: To prevent rigging or manipulation of any kind, we will not be reveling the score on real-time basis as it may fuel a bias. Companies are listed alphabetically and automatically sortable when a user clicks the title (name, description and sector). Our algorithm can manage for logged-in and un-logged-in users vote.

Vote for your favorite TECH30 company:


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