How to build a winning team


Behind every successful company, there’s a dedicated and efficient team. Experts say that the team is the most indispensable asset in the journey of a company.

“For scaling very rapidly, startups should hire people whom they don’t need to manage, there should be highly competitive leaders in the team and it should be built ahead of its time,” says TN Hari, Head - HR, Big Basket.

He was one of the panellists speaking on the topic of “Creating winning teams in a competitive market” at TechSparks 2016.

He adds that in the course of its growth journey, a company often neglects the team aspect. Companies should remember that it’s the team that will help them cover the distance between where they are and where they dream to be. So it’s very necessary to hire competent people for the future, before your startup embarks on its growth journey.

Addressing the topic of creating a winning team, Julie Knight, Vice President, Global Enterprise Marketing, Zendesk, says that companies need to leverage the network to find and hire the right kind of people.

Now, when the team grows with the company, how do founders maintain the culture they had built initially?

Dinesh R, Chief Human Resources Officer, Oyo Rooms, says that the key is to maintain communication with employees. This also represents the culture of the company.

“Transparency and openness should be maintained in the company irrespective of where the company has reached in the growth graph,” says Dinesh.

Taking the discussion in a fun direction, moderator Madanmohan Rao asks the panellists to shed some light on the activities they conduct for their teams.

“We keep doing fun activities in the company. Recently, we conducted a treasure hunt game with our team. However, CSR is the most important activity we tap into. Through CSR, we do various activities that help keep the fun part alive amidst employees,” says Julie.


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