[Tech30] Centre-agnostic Cloudrino offers cloud management services to SMEs


In 2011, Mohit Madan, a University of Petroleum and Energy Studies (Dehradun) dropout, and Tarusha Mittal, a chartered accountant, entered the startup ecosystem together with the launch of Fanshala. The platform helped advertisers use the fan pages of popular people on Facebook for advertising.

The childhood friends ran the platform for two years. However, they reached saturation point, couldn’t scale it further, and finally shut it down. End of one journey…

And the beginning of a new one

This began in July 2015 with the launch of Cloudrino, a cloud IaaS (infrastructure as a service) platform which allows users to set up and manage servers. The cloud servers can be used for web/app hosting, storage and backup, or to manage third-party servers as well.

“We are agnostic to hardware, operating system, and platform. The platform is built for developers. Our differentiator is that we even allow third-party servers on our platform,” says Tarusha, Co-founder, Cloudrino.

She adds that the platform enables users to create virtual servers with a click of a button. Features like backups, reboots, reinstallation, upgradation, and downgradation can all be accessed with a few clicks.

In July 2016, post the beta phase, it launched mobile apps to monitor and handle users’ cloud anytime, anywhere.

Tarusha says the platform is targeting SMEs and startups. The multiple-node technology is such that services do not halt even if the entire data centre does, which is the uniqueness of the platform.

The startup has data centres in New Delhi, Pune, Melbourne (Australia), and North Carolina (United States).

Key performance indicator

The bootstrapped platform has so far pumped Rs 40 lakh into the business.

The platform, which has 14, 500 registered users, follows a subscription model. The monthly subscriptions are worth Rs 3–7 lakh. However, the number of active users who use the paid subscription is much less. The conversion rate from free to paid model is 8–10 percent.

Tarusha says that the platform has a positive cash flow and has broken even.

Competitive environment

According to Gartner, the cloud management platform is estimated to be around $3.8 billion.

In this segment, cPanel and ServerPilot provide similar services.

cPanel is a control panel designed for the web hosting industry. It provides hosting providers with automated point-and-click hosting platforms.

ServerPilot automates the management and monitoring of cloud servers and web applications. It handles all aspects of server management, including configuration, backups, and security updates.

In October 2012, ServerPilot raised an undisclosed amount of seed funding from AngelPad.

How we chose Cloudrino

Cloudrino technology makes what Windows did to DOS — it takes complex interfaces and control panels and makes them easy to use by everyone. The startup has shown good traction and has a stellar team. If we say cloud is the present and the future, we have to bet on those who make it accessible to everyone, not just developers.

What Cloudrino says

“We are proud and honoured to be a part of the Tech30 community. It is an esteemed set of pure tech products and being a part can only be helpful in more ways than one — in terms of the learnings and leveraging each other’s network. Just the association should help in bringing more credibility to the brand,” says Tarusha.

YourStory’s take

More and more enterprises are moving to the cloud. Riding on this wave, Cloudrino makes life simpler for developers who manage this transition, and solid enablers are always the bedrock of sustainable growth.



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