F6S - One platform to unite them all | Alpha Upai card India


Amidst the buzz at Techsparks and innovative products geared at consumers, F6S came up with something specifically geared towards Indian entrepreneurs, which is really whom the startup ecosystem is all about.

Launched by Santosh Yellajosula, F6S Alpha Upai is going to deliver India-specific deals to Indian entrepreneurs. This should come as no surprise as India is set to be their largest market. As of August 2016, there are about 22,000 startups and 65,000 founders on the platform from India.

Speaking at the launch, Yellajosula asked,

“How can we reach every founder on the planet? We can’t do it by being in a building. We have to be online.”
With this launch, F6S will aim to bridge any gaps entrepreneurs overcome in getting access to the various initiatives and reimbursement policies launched by the Indian government. As a rule, founders tend to be pre-occupied with the mechanics of starting up and are too busy to stay apprised of all the schemes and policies that are available in the country. This leaves them in a quandary as applying to international incubators is not feasible. F6S aims to digitise these initiatives and bring them onto one platform, thereby creating accessibility for startup founders.
F6S has approached state governments to bring them on to the platform so that startups can access various governments’ startup initiatives, in the process creating s accessibility, accountability, and transparency
Globally, the platform supports around 1.5 million founders. Earlier this year, F6S announced a new, invite-only membership for select startup founders globally. Dubbed the Alpha Card, membership includes VIP access to $1 million of free growth services for each founder.
F6S plans to offer 200 Alpha Upai cards in India. All Tech30 founders will be given the F6S Alpha Upai card. The first card in India was presented to Shradha Sharma, Founder, YourStory at Techsparks 2016 on Friday, September 30.


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