'CTOs have to think of going digital as an end-to-end solution with business outcomes, not just technology implementation" -Karthik Sathuragiri of Akamai


TechSparks 2016 saw several technology players talking about how one scales up a business and how founders play a major role in the working of corporations. It is necessary for the corporations of the future to think like startups given the need to prepare for a digital era. Present day CTOs are worried about revamping their entire IT structure to interact with the digital era, and most of them do not have the budgets to take the risk of getting an organisation to move digital.

"Look at banks in India for example, they are changing the game digitally and are preparing to move faster than any other industry," says Karthik Sathuragiri, Director of Emerging Customers and Inside Sales for the APAC region. He says that companies have to think through how to connect the entire value chain from vendors to suppliers if they want to move digital.

"CTOs have a larger role to play in enabling businesses to move into this era and need to think of digital as a strategy rather than just an implementation," says Karthik. From ERP to CRM to having all processes tied up in a digital format across all functions of the organisation, that is the way forward. Even today, not all companies are paperless.

Large corporates are yet to create business value out of going digital. Today, a company is only as good as its CTO when it comes to making a case for a complete digital business. At least the likes of Akamai see that new age e-commerce businesses and startups are changing the way digital is approached in this country by making all business processes go digital.


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