Why companies are returning to the real world from the digital world


We do everything online, right from watching movies to shopping for clothes, booking tickets and even buying groceries. Every bit of information regarding your likes and dislikes, based on your search history, is collected, preserved and used by companies for their promotional messages, a process known as digital marketing. Considering the broad reach of digital marketing, one might think that age old practices like using newsletters, pamphlets, brochures or banners have become outdated. The answer is simply, no.

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You’d be surprised to know that 20 percent of global companies have indicated that they might be migrating to the real world from the digital world. Contrary to what one might think, offline marketing is still preferred because it is tangible. Even though most people with purchasing power today spend their time on mobile phones or computers, this trend of reverting to old practices is not a bad idea. Some most effective form of offline marketing include business cards, newspaper and magazine coverage, flyers, brochures, pamphlets and live meetups and events.

Here are some ways in which offline marketing works better than online marketing:

It helps connect with local audiences

Going offline is especially great for business that involve a lot of local consumers and businesses whose mostly focus on a small geographical location. As mentioned earlier, as many as 20 percent of global businesses look forward to increasing their capability of making better traditional market strategies.

It makes your marketing more personalised

If yours is a business that is just starting out, adding a personal touch goes a long way. People are more likely to be drawn towards your venture if they receive a personalised message from the company’s end rather than a broadcasted email.

It helps you narrow down on a particular audience

Going offline makes it easier for you to target a specific section of potential customers. For instance, if your business is looking to expand its customer base for the elderly, it will be easier for you to identify newspapers or magazines read by them. You can then use these publications to advertise your brand.

It is tangible

Offline marketing is tangible and tactile, thus letting your potential clients have a one-on-one interaction with the product accordingly and get involved with the company.

It can be more impressionable

Offline marketing in the form of a live demo or an event is the most efficient way to market products. It helps you tap into the emotions of your audiences. Such events create a platform to deliver information through the use of demos and speakers where the opportunity to impress is immense. Such a scale of opportunities is absent while you are marketing online.

All the above factors are acting as major factors for businesses taking a U-Turn to the real world from the digital world. After all, a little personal touch goes along way.