5 career paths best suited for introverts


In conversational context, the term introvert is often co-related to the term ‘shy’. A quick google term search for ‘introvert’ shows the definition listed under psychology as “a person predominantly concerned with their own thoughts and feelings rather than with external things.” An introvert is a person who seeks comfort in his thoughts, who looks inward for answers and solutions to problems, who likes thinking before talking, who seek energy from within, and who feels comfortable in the company of self. If you ask me, that’s much more profound than just being ‘shy’!

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We should also note here, just like with being shy, there are many other myths that surround an introvert. Absurd ones, like how they can’t pull off a conversation, or are awkward in company, or don’t like people, or the best one – they’re arrogant and rude.

Choosing not to talk unless you have something valuable to say, or being honest and not falling prey to fake pleasantries is not being awkward, rude or cut-off! An introvert is as much a part of the conversation as any other person. In fact, sometimes even more so, because while everyone else is just being present, he is actually participating: listening carefully, observing reactions, and thinking before talking for the sake of conversation. Each one of these, are spectacular personality and professional traits to possess.

If you’re an introvert who has faced any of these accusations, don’t be ashamed of it. Being an introvert is not something one needs to ‘work upon’. In fact, you should turn around and ask them to learn a thing or two from your natural temperament. A world without introverts would be a world with fewer philosophers, scientists, artists, academicians – and that doesn’t look like a world worth living in!

Earlier, we shared our thoughts about why introverts make better entrepreneurs. Today, let’s discuss the five career paths that we think are best suited for introverts, to help our younger readers choose wisely:


If you prefer the written word over the spoken one, this is the place you can excel. We all know a writer has to be left alone with his thoughts when he’s at work. Writing is not a technical job where you can just snap your fingers and have words streaming out on demand. It needs focus, patience, keen observation, inspiration, and considerable thought – something introverts love doing!

Social media management

Social media management is the perfect job for someone who is a peoples’ person but prefers staying away from too many social engagements. You can excel in the digital world, pour out your creativity through words and humor, and engage with people on a daily basis without the pressure of facing their physical presence.

Graphic designing / Video editing

Channel your keen observation skills and attention to details and opt for one of these more technical yet artistic profiles. Even while as a designer or editor you will have to join creative brainstorming sessions and discussions, you have the benefit of working alone and independently.


This is a job where you can choose to work the way you like, for whom you like, and how you like. Not to mention the environment you like. You chase your muse and allow it to transport you to another world. You take your own time, choose your own pace, and draw inspiration from your own work and creativity.


This may be a little out of league for most, but it’s easily the dream job for every introvert. Looking at stars and planets, charting their movements, learning about them in immense detail, and staring away into the beautiful skies for hours and hours at stretch can be an incredibly self-satisfying and calming process – something every introvert would trade lives for. On second thoughts, every person would!

Having pointed these out, I would also like to say, no book or laundry list can ever tell you what you should be doing. This article is being written by an introvert who has worked in PR and Marketing all her life, and most ‘experts’ claim that those are not the right fields for us. Nothing can define what you can or cannot do, as we also pointed out here. If you know where your heart is, dive in and grab the opportunity!