Digital trends that will rule the roost in 2017


Digital space is as real as it gets. In that sense, it's ever-evolving and ever-changing like life itself. It should not surprise you to know that only a decade back, mobile phones were used just for making phone calls or send messages, or that just over twenty years ago, the world wide web was as much a myth for most as Bigfoot continues to be. Change in the digital world is not only constant; it's sharp, enticing and unexpected. 2017 promises to be another defining year for the digital world. What will websites look like? How will entertainment transform? How fast will news travel? How much more will you be able to exchange, share and do? Here's a low-down of digital trends that are expected to make 2016 look like 2006.

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Innovative scrolling: According to James Leeson, “Scrolling is a versatile mechanic which (when executed well) can work great with all varieties of content delivery. It works with video based content, where large full screen videos play and pause as the user scrolls, as well as static content, which can animate, move, or change depending on the users input.”

Age-responsive design: Responsive design has been around for some time now. The age-responsive design is all about making the user experience simpler and convenient as it will adapt navigation menus, font sizes, and color schemes based on the age of specific users.

Video streaming

Videos have been increasingly driving web traffic over the years. 2017 is expected to continue this pattern. It will be all about creating experiences that are unique, fun and highly engaging via videos. Since one's engagement with the brand is directly proportional to the time one spends with it, companies will be pooling their resources to deepen this connect in 2017 by live streaming behind-the-scenes footage, funny mishaps and emotional breakdowns of those involved with their brand. According to Martin Jones, of IBM Think Marketing, “One of the reasons this will be among the 2017 business trends is that live streams, including 360 video, are no more expensive than pre-recorded videos, making this a cost-effective marketing tactic to try.”

Mobile trends

While this may not seem new, mobile-first approach is certainly going to get bigger. With more and more people becoming mobile phone addicts, companies are aimed at creating content that is fit for the small screen and gaining on-the-go info. In short, mobile communication will cease to be an afterthought and will give birth to newer, sharper, smaller forms of communication that are custom-built for the smartphone.

Authenticity is king - Photography and Typography

2017 could well be the farewell year for stock images, at least for those who take their brand imagery very seriously. This upgrade, however, hardly comes as a surprise. The camera industry has seen a steep rise in buyers with the advent of social media and other photography-related sites. Amateur and professional photographers share digital space without diffidence, and this has resulted in some of the most breath-taking images to come our way. Since a picture speaks a thousand words, it makes business sense for companies to rely on professionally shot, tailor-made photographs that can create a unique experience for the user.

Going hand-in-hand with original, purpose-led photography is typography. It is one of those ideas whose time has come again in the age in digital calligraphy. Like photographs, typos, too, have the ability to connect with emotions and thoughts patterns. According to Jamie Leeson, contributor for Zazzle media, “As device resolutions become sharper and type becomes more easy to read on-screen, brand’s will be looking to push the limits of typography even further to appeal to their users.”

Enabling remote workforce

This will be one of the highlights of 2017. Reasons like overwhelming traffic, office politics and a nil to negative personal life have made many employees, and therefore, employers give remote working a serious thought. What appeared like wishful thinking not so long seems to be on its way to complete and utter acceptance thanks to mobile technology and bandwidth explosion that allow businesses to connect with (and retain) top talent anywhere in the world.

Buy Buttons

It was a great relief for many to shop from home. Now, retailers are taking it up a notch. With the advent of Buy Buttons, consumers can buy products directly and immediately from social media rather than visiting individual websites to make a purchase. We predict Buy Buttons to become big in 2017 and bigger as time goes by.

Micro-mini interactions

MMI is all about ‘single, task-based interactions’ with a product. MMI seems all set to define content sharing in 2017 as it will allow users to use multiple apps in one go.

365 days is enormous time for technology to surprise us all. We encourage you to share with us trends that you think will take over in 2017 and why.