Finland to become world's first country to get rid of all school subjects


Finland's education system is considered among the finest in the world, as the country produces some of the world’s most intelligent and evolved students. What deserves the greatest attention, however, is the minimalist approach the Finnish education system takes.

The schools here don't take any tuition fees and provide subsidised meals to all children. Finland has also done away with almost all standardised testing before the age of 16 and discourages homework. It is illegal to send a child to school before the age of seven.

In a recent development, Finland has decided to do away with all traditional school subjects such as literature, physics, history, geography, and math. Instead of getting skilled at disjointed subjects, Finnish students will now have to think and evolve in an interdisciplinary way.

Schools will now have to teach events and phenomena to approach different subjects. For example, the Second World War will be approached from the historical, geographic, and mathematical perspectives. When a student takes the "Working in a Cafe" course, he/she will learn the English language, economics, and improve his/her communication skills at the same time, reports Bright Side.

In bringing these changes by 2020, Finland hopes to bring out the full potential of their students as well as their teachers. Teaching is a highly respected and competitive profession. It pays well too. Applicants must have an excellent academic background and a master’s degree to become a teacher in the country's schools.

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