4 new social media platforms that are creating all the right buzz


Using words like ‘gamechanger’, ‘the future of interaction’ and ‘digital demigod’ wouldn’t even do justice to the phenomenon that is social media. Orkut, Facebook and Twitter may have started the trend (and indeed, the latter two continue to rule the roost even today), but now, there is a social media site and app for just about everything. Want to meet like-minded people? Want to share short videos and funny pictures? Whatever your socially driven desire, there’s an app for that. While enough and more has been said about the social media biggies, let’s focus here on new entrants to the space - social media platforms launched in or after 2011 that are beginning to take the digital space by storm.

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  1. Snapchat: Absolutely no conversation on new trends in social media is complete without mention of this sometimes crazy, sometimes resourceful app launched in September 2011. What sets Snapchat apart is that the media shared on it self-destructs in a short while. No more deleting unnecessary pictures by the millions. What’s more, this ephemeral nature of the media gives people a real sense of talking to each other, without it seeming like there is a record of everything you ever said.

If you’re a budding business, here’s how to use Snapchat for effective marketing.

  1. Affimity: We love our friends, but we may not always enjoy the content they post. While platforms like Facebook let you unfollow people you’re still friends with, what’s to say they won’t post something interesting tomorrow? Launched in 2014, Affimity is solving the problem of over-exposure to irrelevant content. With dedicated channels for various interests, you can meet like-minded people, subscribe to channels you like and make friends.
  2. DIKY: Let’s admit it, we all enjoyed having lovely, flowery testimonials on Orkut. It is just so nice to be praised by someone for who you are! DIKY was born in 2014 to eliminate the need for you to talk about yourself. Instead, your friends and family can use the platform to talk about you, from the heart. In the era of people Googling each other before they even meet, this could be your good first impression! They’re also introducing activity tags so your friends can tag you based on your attributes and interests.
  3. Curofy: Launched in 2015, Curofy is a social media platform for doctors and those in the medical profession. Both in India and in several other countries across the globe, doctors don’t always have access to the best of facilities and a seasoned second opinion. Curofy aims to solve this problem by giving doctors the support system they deserve. What’s more, a specialist doctor will first see content relevant to their domain alone, thus saving time.

Changing times, changing needs and changing social media platforms! What is the most unique social media platform you’ve come across? What innovation would you like to see in the field? Let us know in the comments section below.


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