4 reasons why startups must apply to the Bosch DNA Accelerator programme


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As a startup entrepreneur, you must be more than familiar with the challenges and obstacles involved in building a world-class product: finding the right tools, meeting investors who believe in you, getting the right advice from the right people at the right time.

Global technology leader Bosch is looking to nurture and support startups and give them a hand up into the mainstream. To this end, Bosch has launched the DNA Accelerator programme for startups. The 18-week programme involves intense development, mentoring, piloting, networking as well as other areas crucial to building and growing a startup. The DNA of this programme lies in three key components: discovering startups, nurturing them, and aligning them properly to get them investment-ready and eventually helping them become profitable businesses.

Applications for the first edition of the Bosch DNA Accelerator are now open and the deadline is Sunday, November 20, 2016. Here are the four reasons why you cannot afford to miss that deadline!

Mentorship from Bosch experts: As part of the programme, the selected startups will be mentored by experts from Bosch in technology and other allied areas. Startups will receive advice and support from Bosch in the form of interactions with internal experts in fields such as engineering, and scope specific domains like product design, operations, finance, and legal, among others.

World class resources: Since this programme seeks to build/strengthen new solutions offered by startups using Bosch’s components, technology platform or business solutions, the participants will have the opportunity to work in a world class environment with access to cutting-edge labs and latest tools such as Bosch Sensors, Bosch XDK kit, and the Bezirk IOT personalisation platform. They will also be able to use other Bosch products including home appliances, power tools, and security systems cameras.

Access to investors and industry connections: Not only will the accelerator help startups hone their knowledge and expertise, it will also enable them to meet Bosch customers, partners and other industry connections. Once successfully accelerated, the startup will have an opportunity to pitch to the Bosch management, folks from Robert Bosch Venture Capital as well as external investors.

Build a sustainable business: The accelerator’s aim is to nurture the selected startups on their journey to building a sustainable business, and the association and collaboration with an industry leader like Bosch in the initial stages itself is definitely a big advantage

Read more about the Bosch DNA accelerator programme here or apply directly here today.


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