Lessons in positivity from Lilly Singh, aka ||Superwoman||


There are bound to be times when we all hit the proverbial detour in our lives. It is just too easy to get discouraged while we’re stuck in difficult situations. Twenty-seven year old Indo-Canadian YouTuber, Lilly Singh, more commonly known as ||Superwoman||, didn’t have it going easy for her before she became successful.

Lilly suffered the horrible slump that depression is and had a hard time recovering from it. Nevertheless, recover from it, she did. “If my mind can negatively impact me… then it can have the same impact on me in a positive way when I’m upset,” she explains in her Draw My Life video. From then on, it has been a successful climb for her.

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Here’s a list of things you can learn from ||Superwoman|| about being positive, compiled from her Tweets, blogs and videos.

Appreciating what you have

Most times, we’re blinded by the things we suffer from that we forget about the things we have. But Lilly explains that we ought to be grateful for the good parts. “Don’t cry over not getting a few toys here and there, because then your eyes will be too swollen to see that God has given you the world as your playground,” she writes in her blog. It makes a huge difference to our progress when we give due importance to the positive things in life.

Hustling harder

Lilly’s testament is one of pushing through the rough. “Don’t get discouraged. Instead, hustle harder,” she wrote in one of her Tweets. It isn’t an easy thing to push yourself when you’re stuck in a rut. But we always have to find our way through uneasy situations by gathering all our abilities to push ourselves to achieve our goals.

Committing to yourself

It’s important to remember that your best resource is you. We are all made up of our abilities as much as our disabilities. The more we acknowledge our abilities, the more we build on them. Lilly’s advance into the realm of YouTubing was a product of using her then newfound epiphany to pick herself up and take making videos seriously. She found her calling and committed to it to become a world renowned YouTuber. Always remember not to be overwhelmed with failure, but to try your best to learn from it.

Avoid being a hater

To be positive, we must also practise being positive outside of ourselves, by being considerate to the people around us. In a video featuring Sabrina Carpenter, an American singer and songwriter, Lilly demonstrates How to be a Dope Human. She enacts certain instances with Sabrina about dos and don’ts of everyday situations; like avoiding gossip, being amicable, and trying to see the good in others and appreciate them for it. We learn to stay positive when we practise that positivity.

Spread the cheer

The capstone of Lilly’s advance in her career was her dedication towards making other people happy. She realised that if through her videos she could rise the spirits of people who needed it, then all her efforts will be worth it. Sharing your ups and downs, your stories of overcoming difficult situations will help others who are trying to make it through tough times too.

Lilly has accomplished a great deal which began with her turning away from the negativity in her life. Step by step, she built a career that goes beyond a YouTube channel with over ten million subscribers. So far, she has toured the world with Team Super, wrote her first book, How to be a Bawse, has her own signature shade of lipstick in association with Smashbox, released a song called Voices, and won several awards. She was also recognised as Forbes’ 30 Under 30 under the Hollywood and Entertainment category, earning a whooping figure of $3 million in 2015. Lilly’s story is one that emanates the importance of positive thinking, and we can be inspired to succeed if we try. But remember, staying positive is not a one-time thing, but it requires a continuous effort.


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