MobileSparks 2016: Presenting top 10 mobile startups from India


After an exciting TechSparks where 30 tech startups from India were revealed, YourStory’s MobileSparks zoomed in on mobile to showcase upcoming startups in this crucial domain.

MobileSparks is also an annual YourStory event and this is the fifth edition. Some of the star companies from the MobileSparks portfolio are Haptik, CultureAlley, DriveU, MyChildApp, Squadrun, and MadStreetDen.

Here are the #msparks of 2016:

5BARz: Who hasn’t had signal strength issues on their phone? 5BARz is a technology company working to improve the experience with mobile devices over cellular networks. 5BARz has developed a critical piece of carrier-grade technology that consumers will simply plug into an outlet in their home, office, or anywhere else to increase their signal strength.

Adoro: Adoro is a personal assistant for all your fashion needs. Using artificial intelligence and social curation, Adoro shows users products and styles tailored to their preference.

Appaie: Building with a vision to automate software development, Appaie currently has automated app development. Bots indexes functionality from Appaie Database, Tutorial References, and Other High Ranked Sources using machine learning AI. Bots do the coding, given an instruction from developers to develop or maintain ‘Software’.

Datamail: Bridging the language barrier in the age of mobile, Datamail provides email ids in multiple languages. Built by Xgenplus, the email enterprise solution, Datamail is a new product that bridges the English and non-English writing population.

Finomena: It is an end-to-end big data-driven consumer-facing finance platform that is present online and offline for the underserved 500 million Indians. Currently, people seeking credit are often turned down without being given any reason for it. Finomena tries to change this through the feedback loops and intends to make the process more transparent and easy.

GreyKernel: GreyKernel has an enterprise solution to help businesses make their product listing immersive. It supports deployment of 360-degree videos — photo spheres — and creates interactions around them. It is a zero-commission marketplace and e-commerce enabler for retailers that helps get their in-store inventory discovered and purchased by consumers online.

MoneyTap: It is an app-based credit line that evaluates and delivers credit instantly and flexibly. MoneyTap offers money on demand with zero collateral for full-time salaried professionals (salary >25,000 per month).

Pictor: This startup is changing e-commerce photography. The Pictor app guides users in clicking good photographs using their smartphones, which are then retouched by their team of professionals.

StintMint: StintMint enables enterprises access to an on-demand mobile workforce. Aiming to bring automation to the core of processes, StintMint is building the future of work and workforce management.


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