5 documentaries that all entrepreneurs should binge-watch on Netflix this weekend


‘Netflix & Chill’ has become quite the norm for India’s Gen Y, and while very little compares to kicking back on your couch with a special somebody and browsing easy watches, there’s a greater use that can come out of the billion dollar platform, especially those seeking to build something new.

With over a thousand global movies, short-films, documentaries and TV series categorised under various genres, Netflix has the potential of becoming an arena for independent filmmakers to reach out to with their messages, ones that can influence its vast audience. With the recent foray of Netflix in our country, those with an active monthly subscription can tap into the pool of global knowledge that the platform currently exudes in various forms.

In terms of documentaries, Netflix has always been open to putting up a variety of content for its audience, a massive plus point for those looking to tell a story. In the business world, the best-rated documentaries have been those that are centre around the life and struggles of entrepreneurs who built successful businesses out of almost nothing. Other five-starred ones include those of individuals or groups dedicating their life and valuable time to building a project or idea that will bring about a much needed mental and physical change in our ecosystem.

On that note, here are five documentaries you should binge-watch on Netflix this weekend.

Steve Jobs: Billion Dollar Hippy

Netflix rating: 4/5

Made in 2011 by Laura Craig Gray and Tristan Quinn, this 49-minute long documentary featuring life of the greatest entrepreneur, Steve Jobs, is a must-watch for every aspiring entrepreneur. From his tryst with Pixar to NeXT Inc., the narrative supplies an in-depth look of the life of the man who created Apple, the kind of business mantra he would follow and the grit he displayed in the workplace. The documentary contains special appearances from some of Jobs’ closest allies in the workforce like Co-founder Steve Wozniak. The reason behind the interesting title of the documentary can be attributed to the fact that Jobs was quite the free-thinking ‘hippy’ in the 70s, having even being an ardent follower of Zen Buddhism. However, friends and foes alike speak about Jobs’ eccentric temperament when it came to his work, which worked both in his favour and against it, steamrolling in one of the greatest journeys of an entrepreneur in the history of Silicon Valley.

Print the Legend

Netflix rating: 4/5

“If you are a leader, every day there is something new that comes up and smacks you in the face.”

An original Netflix documentary, Print the Legend takes the viewer inside the core of the 3D printing industry, the ‘second kind of Industrial Revolution’, which is currently taking the world by storm. Made in 2014 by Luis Lopez and Clay Tweel, the story follows the journeys of companies like Formlabs, MakerBot and 3D Systems. The latter two speak about how the 3D printing industry took its actual root once affordable desktop systems came to the market, generating a greater public awareness of the potential of the technology. Just an hour and 39 minutes long, it is a great watch for entrepreneurs who are looking to make headway in lesser known branches of the business world.


Netflix rating: 4.5/5

“A 21st century problem needs a 21st century solution.”

A quirky insight into the life of Dean Kamen, entrepreneur and inventor of the Segway, the show follows his quest to solve the world’s water crisis. Directed by Paul Lazarus in 2014, it focuses on the indomitable nature of a man who refuses to be deterred by the challenges faced in trying to create, innovate and produce an idea – the SlingShot water purification system – that can alleviate the suffering of millions. This is a must-watch for all entrepreneurs to understand the importance of innovation in a highly changing and competitive environment. Moreover, it is one that can actually help make a difference.

Living on One Dollar

Netflix rating: 4.5/5

An eye-opening documentary into the reality of poverty, it follows four friends who decide to venture out towards rural Pena Blanca, Guatemala on a mission – to spend only a dollar a day each for 56 days. This is in lieu of the fact that more than 1.1 billion people in the world survive on less than a dollar a day. In the process, they battle E.Coli, financial stress and the realisation that there are no easy answers. However, they do not stray from their project, and with the generosity of their neighbours, they last the 56 days against all odds and return to the United States to bring this reality to the attention of the authority. For all social entrepreneurs, who are striving to help the underdogs, this 56-minute documentary will be a true inspiration.


Netflix rated: 4.5/5

This 2012 documentary by Jason Wise is a story about how four young men turn their passion into a profession. Young and passionate, these men are in the midst of preparing for the ‘Master Sommelier Exam’, a test with the lowest pass rate in the world. Despite not having a direct link to entrepreneurship, the sheer willpower and resilience that these men show in the face of all the obstacles that are strewn along their path to success is one that any entrepreneur can relate to. At an hour 33 minute watch, the ups and downs of the individual character journeys will have you engrossed in the documentary’s invigorating plot-line.

If you would like to add to the list of must-watch documentaries for entrepreneurs, let us know in the comments below.


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