[PhotoSparks] Mobile money, marketing and measurement: meet the entrepreneurs at GMIC 2016 in Bengaluru


PhotoSparks is a weekly feature from YourStory, with photographs that celebrate the spirit of creativity and innovation. In this photo essay, we feature some of the entrepreneurs exhibiting at the GMIC 2016 conference and expo in Bengaluru.

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The GMIC mobile conference series is being held in Bengaluru this week; other editions have been held around the world in Tel Aviv, Beijing, Tokyo, Sao Paulo, Silicon Valley, Hong Kong and Jakarta (see also my pick of Top 30 Quotes from GMIC 2015, and photo essays of exhibitors on Day 1 and Day 2).

The conference features mobile startups, innovators, entrepreneurs, developers, and investors seeking to connect and share learnings. Each city adds its own flavour to the global innovation mix, with local variations and regional strengths. Featured speakers in the Bengaluru edition are from Flipkart, InMobi, PayTM, Ola Cabs, VMAX, LensKart, Accel, Kae, GfK, LightSpeed, Sequoia, ClickAsia, QikPod and Quikr.

The innovation area was packed with dozens of exhibitors from India, China and other countries. Some of them are showcased in this photo essay: Taptica, Glispa, MagicTap, Kika, Unocoin, SmartVizX, Numberz, Galaxy, YeahMobi, ShareIt, UC Browser, OnionPy, LeadBolt, MobTexting, Budli, Frogo, Pentaur, HedgeHogLab, MintM, Mobvista, Meitu, Avazu, SavvyMob, Mobusi, Tune, PracharNama, and MindIQ. We wish these entrepreneurs all the best in their mobile journey, and look forward to the 2017 editions of GMIC already!

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