PM Modi warns of further action against black money


Prime Minister Narendra Modi today warned of further action against those with black money once the December 30 deadline expires for disclosing demonetised notes, saying they will have to "pay for" unaccounted cash.

PM Narendra Modi

At the same time, he said honest people have nothing to fear from the government. He also made a veiled attack on the Opposition, saying a section of the people was "egging" others to speak against him on the scheme. While addressing the Indian community at a reception at Kobe before winding up his three-day visit to Japan, he said

I want to tell the people again and again that the government will do everything to protect the honest. But the dishonest beware, I will make you pay for it

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In a speech laced with barbs and humour, Modi said opportunities were given to those with black money to come clean.

It is not as though opportunity was not given. Then also if you feel that it will be business as usual, I cannot be faulted. After December 30 scheme (the last date for depositing demonetised notes) if you feel that there will be no action, there is no guarantee that something new will not be introduced to punish you (thikane lagane ke liye), Modi said.

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The world has changed. I gave you time. Now it is up to you, think about your son's future," he said, amidst cheers from the audience.

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Two days ago, on what seemed to be an ordinary day, when citizens were wrapping up their work and heading home, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had news for the country. In his 40-minute address, the Prime Minister took a firm stand on ending corruption, black money and unauthorised cash flow by banning the 500 and 1,000-rupee denominations. This news made waves throughout India, especially considering the lack of a buffer between the announcement and the implementation. Amidst all this chaos, the nation witnessed the entry of crisp purple-clad 2,000-rupee notes.


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