UP woman gifts Honda City to her daughter-in-law for giving birth to a girl child


Prema Devi, a retired inspector from Uttar Pradesh's health department, is the talk of the town in Hamirpur, as she has been celebrating the birth of her granddaughter in an awe-inspiring way. In a region where a girl child is often looked down upon, Prema is making news as she has gifted her daughter-in-law a Honda City after she gave birth to a girl child.

Image : (L) - India Samvad; (R) - Car Trade

Prema believes that daughters are better than sons, and had hosted a small party with Khushbu, her daughter-in-law, where they welcomed the new female member in their family. During the party, Prema announced that she will give Khushbu a brand new Honda City car.

Speaking to India Samvad, Prema said, "The practice of female infanticide in India will only end after daughters-in-law are treated as daughters. They are someone else's daughters as well. If daughters-in-law are loved the way daughters are loved, they bring joy to a home."

Khushbu feels overjoyed to have a mother-in-law like Prema. She believes that in order to fight the social evils that subjugate women, it is necessary for women to love and respect each other the way her mother in law does. Even daughters-in-law must love their mothers-in-law like their own mothers, reports Pradesh 18.

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