Signs that you should quit your job to pursue your entrepreneurial journey


The new year is about to arrive in less than 50 days, and so is the time to make new resolutions. Wondering what happened to the resolution you made last year where you said you'd jump into the entrepreneurial lifestyle in 2016? Are you still stuck in a dreary job that you’re only holding onto for the money? And is this the big obstacle between you and your entrepreneurial ambitions?

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If all this sounds familiar, it’s a sign that you need to get out of your comfort zone and find a way to follow your dreams. Accept the fact that you're not getting any younger with time. In any case, struggling today is easier and more convenient than regretting your life 20 years down the line.

Unless you want to leave this planet working for someone else and making them richer, then take a decision that can give your life meaning. See if you relate to these signs and then take a call yourself.

Your life has become boring and dull

Five minutes late at work, and half your day's salary is gone. And that's your motivation to wake up at seven in the morning, catch the metro at eight and reach your office before nine. You don't even want to remember the day-to-day routine, and by the time you get ready to leave the office premise, it's already half past eight. You reach home at 10 in the night, eat whatever you can find, and sleep. If you think you're not meant to live this boring and dull lifestyle and call it a career, then you should probably move on.

You've been procrastinating your resignation for a long time

You may have been fed up with your job for a long time and want to quit it once and for all. But each time this idea crosses your mind, you want to take a good night's sleep and give it another thought hoping that your boss will understand your point of view and everything will become normal.

Your manager's role doesn't sound promising to you anymore  

People spend years in one organization hoping that one day they will take over their immediate manager's position and create a name for themselves. But if that's not the case and you hardly find any scope for growth in your company, you should probably look for alternative options.

You can't connect with your company's products and services

Many businesses do everything possible (no matter how unethical it is) to sell their products. If yours is one such business and you can't convince yourself to have faith in its products and services, then there's no point in continuing as an employee.

Your relation with your immediate boss is a nightmare

You've tried every bit possible to improve your relation with your boss, but nothing seems to be working out. He is not ready to understand your point of view and you can't convince yourself to follow his instructions blindly. If that's the case, then it's better to quit as soon as possible and find some peace.

You can't utilise your skills properly

You're good at client management and cross communication, but even after multiple requests in the last six to eight months, your boss doesn't let you do anything other than creating PPT presentations and Excel files. If you're tired of doing this miserable work over and over again, then maybe you should look for another job or create one for yourself that allows you to be in touch with different people, help them succeed, and make money out of it.

You can't live a happy and fulfilling work life if you're not into a job that inspires you to get out of bed and hit the road every day. So, rather than waiting for the perfect moment to arrive when there will be no more bills to pay and no more struggle to face, take a decision now and say goodbye to your job to pursue an entrepreneurial lifestyle.


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