5 signs that you need to take a break from work


The post-industrialised knowledge society has had one positive outcome – it has made many of us passionate about the work we do. Ryan Avent of the Economist wrote an essay on his love for work which resonated with readers widely. But being in love with your work does have an unfortunate side-effect – the burnout - that needs to be checked before it is too late!

We often fail to recognise the signs of a burnout and to realise when our mind and body need a break. Listed below are 6 alarming signs that you need to take a break from work.If you can relate to them, then we suggest that you start planning a vacation to think things through ASAP!

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Being irritable

If you feel like you are always on the edge and even the smallest of annoyances seem like a big deal, it’s time to think about a break. When even the most simple of tasks at work leaves you in utter exhaustion, you owe yourself a reset.

Being irritable is definitely among the top signs of a burnout. Do slow down before your work suffers and your family and friends find themselves tip-toeing around you!

Suffering from insomnia

Sleep deprivation can be a major sign that your body needs a break. It is often overlooked and is not usually counted among the signs of a burnout. All those nights of tossing and turning in the bed and the countless sleepless nights marked on your calendar are screaming out to you that you are overworking. We all know that the human body needs at least 8 hours of sleep to function properly and if you are not getting that, you fall prey to the vicious cycle of getting all the more stressed out during the day.

Lack of focus

Do you find yourself trying to get a job done while your mind is spiraling out of control? Do you find yourself staring at the computer screen for hours unable to concentrate on a single important task? If you are feeling unusually distracted and overwhelmed, you know what needs to be done! The ability to focus helps you do your job well and if you fail at focusing, then you fail at being productive.

Lack of motivation

Motivation is the one factor that drives us out of our beds each morning making us strive for perfection every day at whatever task we perform. Lack of motivation can make the easiest of all tasks seem difficult. Often, those suffering from a burnout feel like they are no longer passionate about their jobs due to the lack of motivation, without realising that this is indeed one of the signs of a burnout. If you feel like your motivation level has reached an all-time low, then you need to take some time off.

Feeling Overwhelmed

We have all found ourselves in front of the computer, a deadline fast approaching with absolutely nothing done, and we feel like justgiving up! We must realise that it is one of the most common experiences in the modern work world. Being overwhelmed isoften a sign that you need a break.

Being a workaholic isn’t necessarily a bad thing! But you must also get enough time for rest and recreation. We all claim to love ourselves, so when our body and mind give out distress signals, we should listen to them! Take some time off to reassess where your career is going before you hop onto the bandwagon again.


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