How to stay productive while you are waiting on clients


Waiting for clients to sign off the deal? We all know how excruciating this wait can be, especially during the last quarter of the year, when the sales teams are trying their best to close on some great numbers before the new year starts. For most, this could also be the time of rising frustrations and impatience.

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When you are forced to wait on client, it becomes easy to lose focus and procrastinate other important tasks. You may not be able to concentrate on other things because of the apprehensions that float around until the deal is sealed and signed. After all, you don’t know precisely how your clients will react to a situation, or worse, what if they change their mind in the last minute? These apprehension and doubts can negatively impact your productivity at work. The key to strong execution is to be proactive in decision making and create higher quality work that can add optimism to the waiting time. Here are some ways to stay productive throughout the process:

Be proactive

It’s OK to move on to other work or divert your attention if your client fails to get back to you in the presumed time. You don’t have to be beholden to their “yes” or “we are discussing internally”. Remember that as a business organisation, there is always something else which you can do: work on other projects, networking, administrative work, marketing, and self-improvement.

Delaying things because you are waiting for a revert and hopefully a positive one is not the way to go. Being hopeful is one thing. Putting everything on hold is simply a waste of time. Don’t wait around to take important decisions in your organisation. Remember, you understand the needs of your business in the best way. So instead of delaying matters, start taking them up one by one.

Work on creating a better environment

Change your perspective a little and realise how important it is to take risks in a business. Risks are nothing but catalysts for change and you need to embrace it in order to sustain better. So while you wait for an answer, why not add a new leaf to your professional attitude that can make you stand out from your competitors. Build a work environment where your team sees attempting new ideas as a sign of growth and productivity. Initiate a team activity, or a workshop, which can encourage your team to learn new ventures and learn together. This will enhance team bonding, and you will certainly see some new ideas propping up in the brainstorming session leading to a more productive work environment. It will also enhance the focus levels, the attention to details, and interest level of your employees in the projects and pitches.

Start thinking out of the box

Traditional ways still work for most businesses, but innovative methods is the key to grow stronger in the game. It’s time to start thinking out of the box. Focus on new approaches with a new mind set; not only to get more clients on board but also customers. This can also be a way to test the limit to where your business idea can go to. Start thinking in terms of what is that new or extraordinary aspect or feature that you are offering to your clients? Why should they get back to you? What has made you so different from the crowd? When you start questioning yourself, you will be able to shape the rough edges of your business idea in a better way and also prepare a better pitch for the next prospective client. While you wait for that call back, give a makeover to your business portfolio.

If you are still waiting to hear back from your client, it’s time to be reasonable. Though your prospective clients have seen a certain shade of you and your business idea, while you wait add new dimensions to your work and attitude that will make you a perfect package.


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