Top 10 Indian startups shine at Tech Rocketship Awards at the India-UK Tech Summit


While the world is still reeling from the results of the presidential election in the US, and most people in India are wondering what to do with the Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes that they have, the India–UK Tech Summit concludes on a high.

Over the past couple of months, startups from all over the country made their pitches at variety of locations, with the 10 best startups going on to pitch today in Delhi to a panel that consisted of Ajai Chowdhry, Founding Member, HCL; Emma Sinclair, Co-founder, EntrepriseJungle: T V Mohandas Pai, Chairman, Board of Manipal Global Education; Saurabh Srivastava, Founder, Indian Angel Network; and I Vijaya Kumar, Co-Founder and CTO, Crayon Data.

Panel at Tech Rocketship Awards

The 10 startups that got the opportunity to pitch at the event were

Bendflex Research and Development Pvt Ltd

Bendflex specialises in designing devices that aim to revolutionise in-vitro fertilisation, improving the outcome and yielding better results. Ramnath Babu, Co-founder of Bendflex, says that the company is pioneering the transformation of medical diagnostics using mechanical products. The team has already worked on two products, and is currently focused on their patent-pending in-vitro fertilisation device. Bendflex has won several startup awards.

  1. Cashkumar

Bengaluru-based fintech startup Cashkumar aims to transform the way lending is done in the country. Dhiren Makhija, Co-founder of Cashkumar, believes that, with time, if one cannot get a loan through Cashkumar, it will be difficult to get a loan anywhere else. The company is in the process of organising every source of credit to increase one’s probability of getting a loan.

  1. GetMyParking

Delhi-based GetMyParking aims to make parking in crowded cities and metros like Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru easier with the use of data and AI. Working as an app, the platform helps you book, search and navigate parking spots and destinations across the city. Working with an Uber-like model, GetMyParking has an app for drivers and the people manning the parking meters. The idea is to give rise to smart parking solutions across the country.

The team also received seed funding amounting to Rs 71,500,000 from Indian Angel Network.

Green Lit Solutions

A startup following the Make in India model, Green Lit Solutions builds LED lighting solutions in India. The team claims that their products are over 30 percent cheaper than what is currently available in the market. They are able to reduce the price thanks to the technology they use in building the circuit of the bulb.


An edutech startup, Fundamentor builds gamified solutions and big data to make learning simpler. The product focuses solely on skill training and skill development. Competing in the crowded eductech space, Fundamentor focuses on making learning fun, and brings in different gamified solutions to ensure that school students learn faster and better.

Planet Superheroes

Planet Superheroes is a marketplace that sells and distributes licensed merchandise to consumers at affordable prices. The Mumbai-based startup partners with global content creators, monetising different characters and creating saleable merchandise across 50 different categories.

Promethean Energy

A waste management company, Promethean Energy builds waste heat recovery solutions for several commercial and industrial purposes. The aim is to reduce the overall carbon footprint by significantly reducing the overall usage of fuel. The waste energy is captured in chillers and converted into zero-cost hot water.


The idea behind Outsell is to ‘never have a bad meeting’. The company provides software that helps sales representatives improve their product knowledge by standardising the sales content and helping them across the cycle.


A SaaS-based customer experience management platform, Repup ensures that hotels can map and track a customer’s stay in their establishment. It measures their experience through each and every stage of a customer’s stay in the hotel, and helps the hotel make the overall customer experience better. The company also won a seed funding of Rs 3 crore from IAN.


An HR tech startup, Talocity is a Talent Stock Exchange, and works as a one-way video interview platform powered by Video Analytics and Artificial Intelligence (VAAI), shifting the recruiting standard from the interview and hire approach to the iView and hire one. Talocity has a database of one-way video interviews and specialises in sourcing candidates, short listing via Artificial Intelligence and scheduling for face-to-face interviews via their scheduling algorithms.

The idea of the India-UK Tech summit was to ensure that startups in India gain exposure to the global market and can get access to the funding, mentorship and even consumer base of the UK.


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