5 Indian business magazines that every entrepreneur must read


It goes without saying that for an entrepreneur, knowledge about the market is crucial. It’s important to stay well- informed about the latest developments in order to compare markets and notice significant trends. These are factors that decide your every move, so not being well aware of them is equivalent to walking blind. There are many prominent international business magazines that are great for a global picture. But when you’re starting out, it is only the Indian business ecosystem that is relevant. Here are some of the most respected and read business magazines of India for you to fill up that cup of knowledge.

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Outlook Business

Outlook Business is a business magazine which packs carefully analysed information from all business sectors that require sound understanding. It covers various enterprises and ventures – information through which a reader can gain a sound understanding of business dynamics, decisions, and movements. It provides a detailed analysis of market trends, stock prices, and sales strategies of several business undertakings. It is one of the most coveted business magazines in India because it covers the stories and perspectives of all the leading businessmen and organizations.

Business India

Business India was the pioneer in the market of Indian business journalism. It is still known for its in-depth analysis of the business economy which provides a complete and an objective picture of the corporate world. Its coverage of minute changes in all business sectors caters to the need of a reader who is constantly looking for updated information. Along with its industry and corporate reports, Business India highlights government policies and the economy, and ways in which this can affect your business.

Business Today

Business Today was established as a solution to increased variations in business trends. This is was one of the first magazines to cover management theories and their applications in current and relevant business scenarios. It provides detailed reports on the effects of the Indian economy on business strategies, and covers a plethora of industries so the reader can take away many lessons from on-going stories. In a survey conducted by the Indian Readership Survey (IRS), Business Today was among the top ten most read magazines of 2010, with a second quarter readership of 3,38,000 per issue.

The Franchising World

Published by Franchise India, The Franchising World analyses, gathers, and showcases various franchising opportunities that are available in the national and international sector. It covers various markets and platforms, thereby giving the reader a comprehensive picture of developments in the franchise industry to take full advantage of. To complement this information, the magazine sources valuable perspectives and insights from professionals on the essentials of running a business. As a pioneer of the Indian franchising sector, it is one of the few magazines that serve as a platform for companies interested in partnerships.

Images Retail

Images Retail analyses the trends and developments of the retail industry and bridges the gap between brand owners and retailers. Their research of the industry is extensive and covers the logistics, real estate, investment opportunities, supply chains, and consumer requirements. The magazine, with its narrowed focus on retail, is a one of the very few that provide the reader with significant information regarding the sector.

Staying abreast with the business world that you enter is the highest preparation anyone can do, and these magazines are a great place to start. Do you have other favourites? Let us know in the comments below!