5 effective ways to work around a creative block


A creative block is literally the worst thing that can hit a creative person, and it is safe to say that every alternate person is subjected to this unfortunate occurrence occasionally! A creative job is far from easy.It is as difficult, if not more, as any tech job, because keeping the creative juices flowing can be quite a challenge. No matter how gifted you are as a person with creativity, constantly coming up with new and unique ideas is a superhuman task, and encountering a creative block can be a little overwhelming at times!

With the constant workload, coupled with the prerequisite of being innovative all the time, our minds can disappoint us sometimes. At such times, one could use the below tips and tricks to help them work around this block.

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Taking breaks

Staring at the computer screen for half an hour without a single streak of a unique idea is not uncommon among creative people. This can be the result of a workplace burnout, and the most effective way of solving it is taking small breaks at regular intervals. If it feels impossible for you to get over a major block, take a walk outside or do anything that helps get your mind off of things. You never know what brilliance hits your mind next!


Conducting intense brainstorming sessions with people you admire and relate to can be a great way to move past a creative block! Talking with people who share a common niche with you will help understand other’s perspective on things and differentiate the forest from the trees! Sometimes, the best ideas remain hidden within our subconscious and talking might help to bring it to consciousness.

Carry a notebook around

Speaking of unconscious, you never know when a great idea can hit you.So carry a notebook around just to be on the safe side. One might think of a creative block as something permanent, something that summons doom, but that’s not true! The mind works in mysterious ways, and the best of ideas often hit us in uncanny places. It can be while you are taking a stroll in the neighborhood, or over a cup of coffee with your friend, or simply after waking up after a good night’s sleep. Make sure you document your thought before it relegates back to the subconscious again!

Writing your heart out

Sometimes a creative block can stem from the fact that you have too much on your mind! Set a timer for yourself, sit down with a piece of paper and write whatever is going on in your mind at that particular moment. It does not necessarily have to be work related problems; it can even be the smallest issue that’s bogging down your mind. This process will help you convince yourself that these problems are temporary and can be dealt with eventually. This is also why maintaining a journal on a daily basis is a brilliant idea.

It’s not what you love

Problems like how to start off an article or what to write about are generally harmless. But if the issue is persistent, it might be because you are genuinely dispassionate about your career and life choices. Take a break to assess your situation and position in order to go over what is bothering you.Is it a particular assignment or the job as a whole?

Every individual has a different way of managing situations, what have you done to get out of a creative block? Share your process in the comments below!


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