The 4 indispensable elements to make your podcasts impactful


Podcasts – some new lingo that we all have probably heard of, without knowing the full meaning, purpose and benefits of it. A podcast (a combination of the words ‘broadcast’ and ‘iPod’) is essentially an audio or video file, very similar to music MP3s that can be saved by the listener or viewer.

In an era where human action is dictated by their smartphones and as the level of internet connectivity increases by leaps and bounds, podcasts are steadily becoming a popular option for many young entrepreneurs.

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A typical podcast lasts for about 35 minutes or so, and given the level of intimacy that is involved with this marketing mechanism, that’s 35 minutes of solid time for any entrepreneur to convince their listener and sell their brand. If done right, this method can reap large benefits with the fraction of the cost, since podcasts are very inexpensive to make. However, it is important that in order to make a mark, podcasts need to be remarkable. Hence, these are the four important elements that one should never forget:


The world is fast paced and people adore multitasking, hence the growing prominence of podcasts. So, when people are dedicating their valuable time to listen to your podcasts, make every minute count and respect your audience. There are three ways to make the podcasts useful: to educate, to entertain, and to inspire – and a successful podcast is often a mixture of all three. However, in order to build an authentic connection with the audience, one must determine what they are here for in the first place.

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Just like any other marketing mechanism, podcasts can’t be sloppy. And if they are, you’ll be repelling people rather than attracting them, and a muffled audio is more likely to make the latter happen. Every podcaster needs quality recording gear and a quiet place.


As you publish episodes, in order to grow your audience and gain momentum, a well-planned and regularly scheduled content posting policy should be adopted. Podcasts are not very different from a Facebook post, or a tweet, or even a blog post. And just as you would dedicate time to write a daily tweet, make an hourly post, or a weekly blog, consistency should also be maintained when it comes to podcasts. As the audience builds, people will look forward to getting more content from your end.


Podcasts are a great way to see the brand that one represents and build up business. Podcasts may have an indirect impact on your business venture by creating an ever-growing community of listeners who are most likely interested in the products that you are offering.

Of course, there are many other ways to market oneself, but as I mentioned earlier, the world is getting smaller and smaller with less time in people’s hands. Under such circumstances, it’s a great idea to start your own podcast even if it was not on your mind.


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