Why content will always matter


A diamond is forever (De Beers, 1948). Think small (Volkswagen, 1959). Just do it (Nike, 1988). Think different (Apple, 1997). Surely you recognise these as some of the most memorable and popular taglines of all time. But did you ever wonder what helped them attain their milestone status? It's how they make you feel. In less than five words, these taglines tell you a story and encourage you to create your own. If picture speaks a thousand words, words spell a million emotions, and that's why word is king, royal in its attempt and stately in its execution. While many claimed and you may have proposed so yourself that the end of content is near, the truth is, it's just a new beginning.

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There are many reasons why content still rules, and here are a few:

Words have the power to tell a story

According to Teagan West of scrunch.com, “Good content, whether it is in the form of a blog post or social media update, encourages users to engage with the brand, whether they realise it or not.” While copywriting and content writing are relatively newer forms of communication, storytelling has been a part of our psyche for eons. The thread binding these three facets of communication is one – words. Words are capable of taking us to a wonderland or leave us crawling on a desert. Some promise us eternal youth, others take us back in time. That's the power of words, and do not commit the literary sin of separating word from its function. Each word has a duty to perform, and when stitched together with other words, it can create a symphony of emotions. Digital storytelling has the power to tug at the reader's heart strings. The story of a CEO who started out as a runner boy, of a single mother's struggle to succeed as a mum and a banker, of a blind boy who wants to read – become little anecdotes, dog-eared pages of our own life. Once upon a time is timeless, indeed.

People read less because writing has become predictable

It's time we called a spade a spade. That people don't read these days is a curse brought upon our generation not due to a dearth of good readers but on the contrary, because of a paucity of good writers. The bond shared by writers and readers is symbiotic. When good writing goes down, it takes reading with it too. Bring back good, honest writers and watch reading come back to life. Those closest to resetting this trend are the content writers. Their writing reaches people in a single click and has the power to influence or bore them almost immediately. If writers become responsible once again, if they write because they have something important to say, if their words are a bluebird's song made comprehensible, readers will come back.

Words put things into perspective

When one inherits a big fortune, their parents always have word of advice, “Be careful.” When one is looking for love, their heart always tells them, “Be honest.” When one fails in a venture, their faith says, “Don't worry.” Words come to us in our times of need. Words of wisdom, words of elders, words of our teachers, words buried in our hearts. The reason we think in words is because they give shape to our feelings. Content, thus, plays a vital role in helping us realign our thoughts. In fact, words, or shall we say words in the form of digital content, are the next best thing we have to speech. As long as we don't run out of what to say, we'll not run out of how to say it.

It's great for SEO

It should not come as a surprise that appropriate keywords have a deep impact on the SEO and search engine ranking. According to Teagan, “Unique content published regularly with 300-500 words, internal links to other relevant content and naturally placed keywords helps a website rank organically for relevant search terms and keywords.” Emphasising on the benefits of generating awesome content, she further adds, “Great content creates authority and opens up opportunities to build a glowing backlink profile.” Indeed.

It adds value to your product or business

Users tend to gravitate towards this feeling – when a brand has a lot to say about itself, it must have something to say to me, too. That’s the reason why some of the oldest, most trusted brand names like Cadbury, Coca Cola, IBM, and even Maggie have never taken a moment’s rest from engaging with their customers. Content marketing takes this sentiment a tad further by offering how-to posts, DIY instructions, blog entries, and more.

Digital content should not be seen as a new concept. It’s just old wine in a new, expandable bottle. Today, it’s one of the most effective tools of mass communication and its efficacy depends on how sincerely it is handled. In the end, remember one thing if you wish to do ‘more’ with your brand or business, you do it better with content.


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