Workstation hacks for enhanced productivity


“For every minute spent in organizing, an hour is earned.” - Benjamin Franklin

With the prolonged working hours, productivity can directly be linked to comfort and efficiency. The work desk shouldn’t be immensely comfortable and cosy to give you an urge to doze off but just aptly comfortable to prevent fatigue. The average working professional spends a significant part of their day at the workplace. Thus, the importance of setting up the work desk right can’t be undermined. The following listicle would help you with the same:

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Colours have an impact on the mind, body and emotions of a person. For instance fast food joints use mostly vibrant colour palates (red and yellow) to stimulate hunger. The green colour in cafes helps you to relax whereas the white colour in offices and hotels symbolises sophistication and efficiency.


The science of the equipment design is important in reducing fatigue. The height of chair, the armrest, recline-ability, and adjustable height are features that need to be considered while purchasing office furniture. Further, the desktop placement also matters in reducing the strain on the eyes.

Good luck charm

Believers and devotees might place idols of their deity on their desks while atheists could go for other alternatives (a laughing Buddha, for example). Anything that gives you a positive vibe, from a photograph to a present from a loved one, can act as a good luck charm.

Goal reminder

It’s a proven fact that a constant reminder often helps in keeping oneself motivated to work towards a goal. Reminders like calendar, planners, or a white board (to maintain the flow of work) can help track your progress.


Greenery helps in relaxation and reducing stress, and according to Feng Shui, some plants like bamboo shoots, when placed on the office desk, bring good luck. Other potted plants like White Lilies bring peace.

Other environmental factors

Factors like temperature and lighting also determine productivity levels. Ideally, the temperature should range from 23 to 25 degrees centigrade for optimum comfort. On the other hand, lighting should be apt to see clearly. It should neither be too bright to cause a glare nor too dark to hamper sight.

Your work desk should be customised according to what works best for you. The right utilisation of your space is sure to ooze positive vibes, thereby increasing your efficiency.


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