17 habits to stay away from in 2017


Generally, New Year is the time when everyone takes up new challenges and resolves to keep them throughout the year. It’s nice to start afresh. But New Year or not, there are certain things we could all improve upon.

Avoiding these habits might help you sail through 2017 in a better way.

Eating too quickly

Speed eating leads to overeating, which eventually results in weight gain. The reason behind this is that it takes at least 15 to 20 minutes for the brain to realise that the stomach has received enough food. If you eat too quickly, you start taking second helpings before your brain gets the message, and by then you might feel over full.

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Getting stressed too easily

Stress is a choice. Most of the time when you tend to become frantic, it’s because you’ve decided to be that way. Think about positive outcomes and you will feel much nicer and less stressed.

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Anticipating evil

When you anticipate evil, you tend to breed negativity, and eventually your thoughts come true. Try to think about pleasant and happy things always as it’s always better to foresee positive things in life.

Expecting everything to be perfect

Understand that it’s okay to not be perfect all the time. The drive to perfection sometimes causes a lot of stress. No one can be completely perfect, that would just be natural. More than focussing on being perfect, try focussing on being happy.

Constantly checking notifications

24x7 internet access can tempt people to check their notifications throughout the day. Unfortunately, each time you do that you lose lots of precious time. Learn to turn off your notifications on your phone. Photos and messages can wait for later.

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Remaining nocturnal

Staying up late in the night may interfere with your functionality. Sleep hygiene is necessary and helpful in the long run. If you aren’t asleep for half an hour after you’ve gone to bed, then go to a comfortable chair and do some light reading with a small glass of water till you feel drowsy. Then hit the bed again.

Dwelling on the past

You must realise that you can’t do anything about what has happened in the past. It’s better to coming to term with it and move on.

Comparing yourself with others

Everyone is running a different race. There maybe someone who might be better than you or maybe even seems to be happier than you. You can’t do anything about it. Moreover, you don’t know what’s going on in their life.

Being chronically disorganised

Being disorganised can make life unnecessarily difficult. You might also tend to mess things up and consequently lose out on having company at home.

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Skipping breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. A satisfactory breakfast keeps you energised and boosts your mood.

Judging others

Always try to look for basic goodness in others. If you keep judging others, you might even use them as a launch pad for your own deficiency.

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Compromising on sleep

Compromising on sleep will make you less alert, which will have grave consequences in the long run. People who get ample sleep are more productive and organised.


Constantly blaming someone will make you a negative person. Ultimately, bad things will happen to you, making you a less happy person.

Lying to yourself

Lying to yourself can give you momentary happiness. At the time, it might seem to be the most convenient option. But you will not be able to do it for long and eventually, it will cause stress.

Watching too much television

When you watch too much television, you tend to depend on it to escape from the world and reality. So get up and get out there to experience ‘real’ fun.

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Being too hard on yourself

You cannot always get what you want, and that’s okay. Stop being too harsh on yourself for it and be proud of the effort you put in and your accomplishments.

Pressing the snooze button

Hitting the snooze button and getting ‘proper’ sleep might seem like a good idea. But going back to sleep keeps you in a state of sleep inertia, which might leave you groggy.

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